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Let's talk Telluride?

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My kid says he has cooked up a deal for Telluride...

No idea what the deal could be but he is talking bus trip from Phoenix....this would be in lieu of Alta which is where I had prefrd to go.

Not a lot of buzz here about Telluride.....I know it is in the sw corner of CO and most of our CO bears seem to hail from Denver or Aspen.....but surely we have some Telluride bears?

Talk Telluride if you will then.....anything is good for a frozen granular guy who has never ski'd west of Killington.

Let's talk Telluride
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If you do a search here you'll find quite a bit of info and opinions on Telluride. I haved skied both Telluride and Alta every year for the past dozen or so years and they are at the complete opposite ends of the resort spectrum. At Alta you can stay at the hill or in SLC, and Telluride you pretty much have to stay at the town/mt. village because nearby options are very limited, so your non-skiing experience will be completely different. Same with the skiing. Telluride gets much less snow and lots more sunshine than Alta. The steep runs at T-ride tend to be narrower and have large mogals, even in the trees. There is very little advanced intermediate terrain, so unless you are up for steep bumps your only option is easy cruisers. Even if they get a foot dump you are still skiing the bumps underneath on most of the mounatin. Telluride is an excellent expert mountain but can feel like the good skiing is relentlessly physically demanding. It has much more of an eastern feel to the skiing.

Alta gets so much snow that you almost never see big mogals except in limited areas. It has lots more wide open bowl skiing than Telluride. I live near Telluride but drive the 6.5 hrs. to SLC several times a year for the powder skiing. Alta has the bonus of Snowbird right next to it (actually they are connected), plus several other major resorts. Telluride has Silverton Mt. close enough for a day trip, but no other area options.
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I'd be surprised if anyone goes to Telluride purely for the skiing. The ski area is not huge, but there is at least a little of everything, with the bonus of no crowds whatsoever. And it doesn't get as much snow as other places.

However - it is beautiful, inside and out.

The town is a historic gem full of great bars, lovely hotels and places to eat. The locals are friendly, they make you feel welcome. It is a very cool place to hang out.

Plus, if the resort skiing doesn't excite you, it is home to Colorado's only heliski operation.
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You'll definitely have more options with 60" or more of cover. There are some long and steep runs that get entirely groomed or groomed on 1/2 w/bumps on the other. They are opening up Palmyra and some more terrain you can hike to as well. Give a shout if you want to hook up.

There are parts of Alta and Telluride terrain that reminds me of each other and I think if you like Alta, you'll like T-ride.
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When he cooked up this deal, did he consider that it may likely be a La Nina season (if the NOAA has any measure of credibility), which generally means So. Colorado gets jack for snow? Of course, refer to Tony Crocker on this, but this is what popped into my head.
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Originally Posted by crystal View Post
I'd be surprised if anyone goes to Telluride purely for the skiing. The ski area is not huge, but there is at least a little of everything
: I, for one, go to Telluride purely for the skiing. I do enjoy the town... Mtn Village not so much... but if you like bumps, trees and steeps, often all at once, Tride is a great place to be. Also, I don't have a bunch of statistics to quote but the place seems..... if not huge then very nearly so to me.

If it wasn't so expensive I'd surely spend a lot more time there.
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Two of my favorite resorts, too, for entirely different reasons. I love bump skiing, and Telluride certainly has that. Breath-taking scenary, maybe the best of any US resort (?). A great town, lots to do, lots of bars and restaurants. Alta, of course, has unbeatable accessibility (less of an issue for you if you're driving, but great if you're flying) and always seems to have powder. The mountain skis as well as any I've ever been on anywhere (Europe too). Alta is townless and much more limited at night. Nowhere to take a walk, for example.

Both great experiences, both well worthwhile in my view.
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Contrary to popular opinion, El Nino/La Nina have minimal impact on Colorado snowfall. .

Nonetheless Telluride is off to a slow start this season. The chair 9 area has a consistent fall line and most of its runs ski well on a 3-4 foot base. Gold Hill and Palmyra I would expect to be quite rocky before February with the slow start.
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As of Thursday Morning, Southern Colorado is forecast to get up to 3 feet Fri/Sat.
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If these areas get 3 feet, that will just put them back to normal after the unusually dry November.
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Originally Posted by Tony Crocker View Post
If these areas get 3 feet, that will just put them back to normal after the unusually dry November.
You could say that about almost any Western area after November - Alta, Telluride, Mammoth, etc. I do not think it is that relevant to this debate. Telluride got 3'+ in October - almost as well as Alta. And then you have today.

This will be very good base snow for Telluride - well above average moisture-wise. So it is a great situation for them.
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Alta is a great mountain, but you are only there 9-to-5. It's skiing with a suburban sprawl aftertaste -- with all your favorite chains from TGIF to BESTBUY.

First trip out west - go with an overall experience. And that is Telluride.
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Telluride - I do not understand how anyone could come away with a richer experience.

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I'm an advanced intermediate and Tride is one of my fav resorts. It is the most beautiful resort in the US - only Banff/Lake Louise in Canada compares. RE the skiing - I love it. Yes, I would like a few more adv int cruisers, but there are plenty. The snow is usually great. There are no lift lines. The experience is fabulous.

I also like Alta, but you don't want to stay there. The only thing here is the skiing. The snow and views are great, but as an advanced intermediate, I don't view it as larger than Tride for what I can / will ski.
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