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Subaru's SI drive is a pretty neat system but I am still not a big fan of drive by wire. The lag can get annoying.
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2004 Subaru Outback LL Bean
2003 Ford F-150 King Ranch Crew Cab

Had a Subaru in the family since 1984. Had five in all including the 2004 Outback. Put over 800K on the five and, besides oil/filter, tires, brakes shocks and mufflers, (I consider these maintenance items not repairs) I have replace an oil sending unit on the 1984 and one fuel injector on the 1990 (at 1200 miles from dirty gas). That's a record of reliability that I can not believe. It keeps us buying Subaru's over and over. Even though we look at other options every time we go to replace one.

On another note. Why do drivers that live in winter climates forget that when they go car shopping. Watch driver after driver this past week spinning, slipping and sliding around town. Makes me cringe / laugh.
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