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I really was looking forward to their rebadged Tribeca. Saab taking the ugly cars and making them nice worked well IMO. They did a great job of Saab-ifying the 97X. The suspension, steering, ride, etc. is a major improvement over the Trailblazer. The ignition is even in the right place. The 97X is a great value compared to the other lux-utes and cheaper than the fully loaded "non-lux" cousins after you negotiate. It's totally loaded out of the box except for NAV and DVD. Unfortunately they didn't improve the gas mileage though.

It's Saabaru and Saabrolet :-)
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Originally Posted by skier219 View Post
RR, one of those is a chevySaab. I prefer "saabaru" for the 9-2 wagons myself! It's too bad Saab canned their version of the Subaru Tribeca -- it was a looker (in contrast to the Subaru version).
Saab didn't can it GM did. IMHO, spending a good amount of time in a Tribeca, you didn't miss anything. And the 9-2x also looks better than the Impreza too.
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'06 Impreza WRX (Subaru). Got the limited "winter" package with the heated leather seats, wiper heater thing, and mirror heated thing. Fully loaded sans chromatic rearview mirror. Got her delivered into my waiting hands brand new in April '06, I had special ordered her in November of 05. Delivered to me bright 'n' shiny with 8 miles on her. Yay!

Took this pic last week during the first 'snowfall' of the year. I had to make sure the winter shoes still worked, as well as the AWD. I actually had just put the winter snows on a few days before this white stuff graced us. I swear if one uses his head when driving this car it will go through ungodly amounts of snow.

Ski rack going on tomorrow I think.

BTW...learning stick on a WRX will give you a quick trial by fire method of education...

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

I had a 00 2.5RS coupe for about a week. Nice little car.

I love the 2.5RS. I think it is one of the coolest body styles they made.
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Caliber R/T AWD. CVT is smooth as silk (slow as molasses though).
The AWD is very capable and delivers real world 28-30mpg freeway (driving 70-73)
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Chevy K-2500 4x4. Not a car.
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  • 2001 BMW 325Ci Coupe - my daily driver. With 4 snow tires, it does quite well in the slippery stuff.
  • 2001 Subaru Outback wagon - the all purpose beatermobile for hauling the MTBs, Home Depot runs, trailhead parking, etc. 135,000 miles and going strong.
  • 2004 Audi A4 3.0 Avant - wife's daily driver. Great ski car -- good performance, decent fuel economy, Quattro AWD.
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Anytime I head into the mountains, summer or winter, I'll take my good ol' Jeep Wrangler or my Dodge Ram 2500. It just ain't Prius country.
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2006 Expedition, seating for 8, 4 wheel drive, big and comfortable. It is not a miser, but with 3 kids, friends and gear it really is an ultimate ski vehicle.

PS. This is what Buffalo is looking like today 11/29, 40 degrees. Not nice for skiing or boating. Snow later though with a possibilty of our areas opening this weekend.
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I don't know where you live in buffalo, but I'd like to be there. I drove to work this morning (downtown) in hard rain, hail, and gusting wind. The walk into the office was mildly unpleasant. It looks like that weather isn't hitting you.

Oh yeah, I drive a 2005 Saab 9-3.
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1996 Nissan Pathfinder. Foldable seats make enough room for tons of ski equipment and lots of room to sleep for those trips when I just dont wanna pay for lodging. Great 4WD too.
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I live in Allentown. My office is at the Small Boat Harbor, believe me not that nice here...just that the rain and hail had stoped for a while. Blowing plenty.
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Snowing hard here in NNY along the ST> Lawrence River
started around 8 am. Magic words today --LAKE EFFECT

oh yeah took the new 9.3 Saab sport combi out earlier this am on some really greasy unplowed sideroads with ice to see how it goes -- result better than my '03 9.3 which was great in snow and ice,
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Originally Posted by Warp daddy View Post
oh yeah took the new 9.3 Saab sport combi out earlier this am on some really greasy unplowed sideroads with ice to see how it goes -- result better than my '03 9.3 which was great in snow and ice,
Do you have the new AWD system?
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NO -- I want to see how that X wheel drive does first before taking that plunge. From my research it sounds fine but i'll let others be the guinea pigs .

I've has saabs for 20 yrs and run them in whiteouts and iced up conditions with JUST all season tires . Been out in conditions returning from Whiteface and tremblant when VERY few are on the road
i got a super end of yr deal on an 07 @Dorshel in Rochester about 3 hrs from me but deal was sveet . i shopped VT, NY and MA but this was teh best i could find . If X wheel works out i'll trade this in and go for it !

Have fun !
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Right now I am sporting a 94 AWD GMC Safari van. Tons of room and awd. In the summer I drive this.
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I sold Saabs for a couple of years...The 9-2X (Saabaru) is actually a fun car to drive. The NE sales leader for those cars was in White River Junction VT, IIRC. They really went well in the snow. When we had to plow out the dealership, the 9-2Xs were always the easiest to un-bury. They cancelled that program too. The Subaru honeymoon ended abruptly.

The 9-7 is just a fancier Trailblazer...with "French stitching" on the seats (WGAF) and other nonsense, with colors like 'Lingonberry Red". They never told us what a Lingonberry is.

We used to wish for a AWD version of the 9-5. We lost a lot of business to the local Audi and BMW franchises, because those brands had a luxury sedan in AWD and Saab did (does) not. I think the 9-5 goes well in snow on its own, even without AWD. Also, this time of year there was always factory money available to rebate. I think the info came out on the 1st of every month. The rebate programs would change constantly.

I see plenty of Saabs old and new each trip to VT, all with ski racks. I think I would rather buy one of those than the Peugeot. I wasn't aware that Peugeot had gotten a US dealer network again. It's been a while since I saw a Peugeot dealership around where I live.
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Your right on bout older saabs ! In addition to my new sport combi I have an OLD 1992 Saab Turbo hatchback bought it new has 93K on it cherry condition . Damn thing won't quit still get 33 mpg on throad and hauls crap like a small pickup -- i hope to keep it for a LONG time its one of the last 'turtle backs" with a whale tail ----------super in tuff snow conditions
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This one.

Tailgate mode:

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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
Chevy K-2500 4x4. Not a car.
Looks like this?
Special Deluxe Interior Appointments

Well equipped Driver:

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Man that turtle thingy is one helluva can opener
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I miss my old 1988 Saab 900T. I actually am looking for another one, but they are hard to find esp here in the mid-west. Back in Maine they are everywhere.
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Damn I love old saabs!
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waaay faster than cars. (although I don't drive )

Actually, one of the hills I hit up isn't even accessible by car. Get off the train, walk a flight of steps, load the chair.
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I drive a 2006 Mini Cooper S. Great in the snow here in central New Hampshire as long as you're on snow tires.

whtmt & Mackenzie911
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This, with snow tires (Blizzak's) and a roofbox. Carries 6 people up the mountain, with all their gear, for a 1.5-week stay in great comfort. The Odyssey is truly incredible for road-tripping.

EDIT: This was taken in the fall, so no snow. And I need to get the Blizzaks on in preparation for the mountain trip...
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A 2007 VW GTI. Winter tires are Blizzak WS-60's on cheap 16" alloys.

A 2003 Mountaineer. Winter tires are studded Nokian Hakka SUVs. With $3/gallon fuel prices, the Mountaineer usually doesn't move much other than to pull the boat or go skiing when a big dump is predicted.

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We have 2, A Chevy Astro AWD and a Tahoe
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05 Subaru Outback
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