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having a drink and skiing is one thing, being plastered is another. imho, this is no different than smoking (and im not talking tobacco). sure there are different opinions due to different people and places but so long as ur in control than no biggie. anyways, after rippin bumps and trees for 5 straight hours i need a nice pain reliever.
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I'm not above having a beer or two with lunch...if I stop for lunch.
Smokin' that other stuff is just plain crazy. I gave in once and my boots didn't fit right the rest of the day.
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Of late, I have been known to have a beer with lunch, especially in the spring. Sometimes even two. The second might put a little buzz on, but one won't. But then, I'm one of those 200+ pounders.

In my youth, many of my days at Val d'Isere started with multiple laps on piste or after short hikes, followed by a break for lunch with a glass or two of wine, followed by a 45 to 60 minute hike along a ridge to untracked pow. The hike burned off much of the drink, but at 50 pounds lighter, I still had enough of a buzz on to make the pow runs feel like floating. I wouldn't change a thing about those days.
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I'm guessing that not many of you ever found the martini tree at Taos.
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I have enough trouble with my technique without adding booze to the equation.
I did, however, book a sled ride after a day of skiing,( thinking it might be romantic. You know, a little wine on a moonlit night!)
It started off quite romantic. A little wine, a sled, & we're off.
Then this BEHEMOTH of a horse raised his tail and splattered his vegetarian dinner all over the trail. Each horse eventually followed suit, & the smell remained with us for the entire ride.
Now, I just carry my drink to the hot tub.
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles) View Post
I'm guessing that not many of you ever found the martini tree at Taos.
I've only been to the locked up in a box location, though I understand there are others.
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One of the BEST headlines on CNN that I've seen recently (most include words like "War", Climate Change" and other words that are not fun) read something to the effect that "Excercise + Beer = Good"!

That is good news!! However, for me, and I would think other skiers who are in it for purity of athletic challenge and reward, this means after you're finished for the day!!

I think embibing in a cold one at the end of the day is truly one of life's great moments! Especially when enjoyed in the company of good friends!

One of the only exceptions to this "after" clause would be on a sunny day enjoying a baguette and a bottle of fine French wine at the refuge hut below the ice falls on the Valle Blanche in Chamonix when all you have to coast a thousand vertical down the flat glacier to the mer de glas and hop the train to town.

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Skiing under influence?

OK, I'll admit: I've been coached
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I'm not too into drinks at lunch, but a beer or two on a sundeck at 2-3pm with friends on a sunny afternoon - priceless.

I prefer this to any baselodge apres-ski or bar.
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The last time I skiied drunk I was young and dumb and tried a daffy off a kicker, yard saled, wrecked my knee and learned my lesson. Save the drinks for after you are done.
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Last time I skied drunk was back in college in the 80's...Had a keg party at the base of Smugglers (yeah they allowed it back then) and drank heavily from 10AM till mid-afternoon when we decided to do a few runs down Madonna. On my first and last run of the day almost flew into the woods at a pretty good speed about three times while totally legless. That was the last time for me...
Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to ski through life son......
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Too many, should be illegal.

Will it make you ski better? No, but you will think you are; liquid courage, a very bad combo.
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