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what binding for Rossi B4

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Just ordered a new pair of Rossi B4's(185) i have a pair of '03 Rossi power ti120 bindings. Not sure if i want to use them though, what would you put on them?.
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The Rossi Power 120s are perfect for that ski.
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Mine have lifter plates. Maybe 3-5mm. I was going to take them off this time. Any thoughts on lifter plates.
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a friendly word of advice:

posting multiple threads about the same thing is kind of earnest and in many cases frowned upon.

Best thing to do is make one post about a subject and give it some time. Folks will answer. It's not immediate though and in some cases can take a day or two for a thread to gather steam. But once it gathers steam, BOO-YAA!

Posting a thread, then bumping it within minutes (or even hours) of posting or posting a thread and then starting another thread about the same post generally won't garner you any fans on a forum.

To answer your question:

The most obvious questions needed to know before answering are:

there will be two schools of thought on this.

1. there are the folks who live by mounting bindings flat on a fat ski. allows the ski to flex more in variable conditions.

2. there are the folks who prefer the lifter for the potentially increased edge hold it will lend the ski on packed terrain.

if you are merely talking about the plastic lifters that came with your bindings (assumming these are either Rossi Axial or Look PX binders) the amount of lift is going to be so minimal (I want to say it's between 1 and 3mm) that you can go either way and probably won't notice the difference one way or another.

If you are in fact talking about race plates, I would say No.
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The Rossignol Power comes with lifters. They add about 7 or 8 millimeters up front and a little in the back. I like them for two reasons. One, the extra lift will help with rolling from edge to edge on your B4s, something they need. The other is the lifters get the toe and heel at a more even level. Without the lifters there is a significant difference in height between the toe and heel.
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