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opening day:Heavenly

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Well they finally made enough man made to cover Orion and the top of Comet as well as the top of the Gondola. So open they did this am at 8:30 . I was at the Calif lodge to catch the free shuttle bus to the gondola located mid south shore. Kinda a shame that the only parking at the gondola is by the hour in a covered, crowded parking garage. Oh well they also forgot to build a lodge at the gondola. Well any way I:

decided to brave the crowds, of which there not many first thing in the am.

course later in the day the hoards did show up.
I saw one skier taken out at the legs by on out of control boarder, and at least 3 chariots taking downed boarders and skiers from the carnage.

All in all tho even with crowds, the snow blowing did produce some nice groomer conditions and nary a rock was seen and I at least recieved no damage to my bases.

Here's a pic going down the gondola later in the day:

Hey, I'm stoked! it was the first day on snow of the season. With many more (pray) to come.

See yall later.
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Nice pics. My girlfriend and I are thinking of moving to SLT after she gets out of grad school at CU.
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parking at the Gondola


Glad to see soem snow up there

I usually use the casino parking lots - at your own risk of course but seems to be pretty standard practice
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The Gnar:

You're GF is in grad school @ CU in Boulder, CO?

and you want to move to SLT?

are you HIGH?!?!?!?!?


I'd move to Denver/Boulder if I were you.

But back on track, thanks for the TR Mark!

So what exactly was open (runs) just Cali or Nevada, too (and what was that lake behind you in the first pick...it wasn't The Lake...)
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
what was that lake behind you in the first pick...it wasn't The Lake...
Looks like east peak lake to me (the lake between comet and dipper)
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Yup! We have a winner. East peak bar and grill. One road in 2 chairs out:. And fun was had by all, 'cept those that got run down by outta controllers:.
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Well, thanks for getting the stoke rolling in Tahoe.
As much as I really need to get out and get my legs back, I'm really having a hard time getting excited over these conditions.
Nice to see you made the opener though.
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I put a couple of video clips together from Monday @ Heavenly. I'll post them when I get home. Overall conditions VERY nice at Heavenly given the snow situation. Comparing my last video from last season to my first video from this season, my position over the skis is much improved, but while I felt like I was countering and counter balancing better, the video doesn't show much if any change. Need to work MUCH harder on... something! Hopefully I'll get some stuff to start hammering away with on 12/21!

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