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SLC or Park city tips needed

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I plan to visit Utah for the first time and have some fun on the slopes. I am thinking of staying at Park City or Snowbird/Alta. My calendar is preety much open between Dec 20 & Jan 5 and if anyone came across any good lodging package for 5 day skiing in between these day please PM. I will have my own car so transportation is not a problem but I prefer to stay right next to the slope. Also I will be curies to know what are the recommenced places for ski in/out in these areas. I plan to send my 7 & 3.5 year old to ski school and my 12 month will have to go to kindergarten as well. Thanks
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I'll bet search did not return anything useful because the topic has not been discussed a bajillion times in the last few years...

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you are probably better off thinking about the park city area, it'll be much better for your kids and slopeside wishes. This place(epicski) is not a good place to look for packages, better off to pick up a ski magazine and there will be plenty of numbers to call for park city slopeside lodging. I think you'll be fine at any of the three resorts.
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Uhhh... not that I want to put too fine a point on it, or want to be repetitive or anything, but over the past 2+ years there has been a huge amount of discussion about lodging of different varieties in PC. Including some pretty extensive stuff in the Park City Gathering planning threads from 2005 & 2006. FWIW, I was well served by ResortQuest Park City last time I was there. The resort reservation desks also seem to do a good job.

Given both layout and some of the other issues popping up this year, I'd definitely favor DV or PCMR over the Canyons for a family vacation.
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12 month old= Deer Valley, or leave 'em home with the grandparents.
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I realize this wasn't one of the resorts you mentioned, but for "family friendly" resorts I think you'd be hard pressed to beat Solitude. I found their customer service to be exceptional.

Solitude gets a ton of snow (like Snowbird and Alta) roughly 40% more than the Park City resorts. This year, so far, has been very poor in terms of snowfall for all Utah ski areas. I believe the likelihood of better ski conditions again favors the Cottonwood Canyon resorts.

Last Christmas season the resorts in Park City were very crowded. Yes, Deer Valley limits ticket sales, but that doesn't factor in season pass holders, and supposedly the limitation is based on seating capacity at their restaurants as opposed to uphill lift capacity. (That shows you where their priorities are.)

I haven't skied Solitude during a holiday, but every time I have been there it hasn't been crowded at all.
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Solitude's a good idea. The lodging there is pretty swell, though I've only stayed in summer, when it was cheap. (I've skied it a lot, just never stayed overnight in winter). The resort center is small but very pretty and has a European feel, like Beaver Creek. It's a little bit isolated, but that could be real good- Big Cottonwood Canyon is actually a georgous alpine valley worlds away from Salt Lake City but easily accessed through a crazy little road winding up a pass with thousand foot cliffs and rock formations on both sides. It's really off the charts beautiful, and anyone who's only seen Little Cottonwood, striking as that is, needs to take a trip up Big and get blown away.
Solitude's full of kids, being a local family favorite. The question is whether or not they can care for a twelve month old. Deer Valley surely can, but they're insanely crowded Christmas week.. The limited ticket sales thing never seems to make any difference. Park City is pretty crowded too, forget getting a table in a restaurant without a 45 min. wait. I'm leaving town Christmas week and going to Brooklyn on a house swap...
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