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Adding A Ski To My Quiver

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Hi All,

I'm a new member to the forums and I love the wealth of information and opinions on the site and I figured I would ask some opinions...

I am looking to add a ski. I am 6' and 240 lbs and I would say I'm a level 7-8 skier.

I live in NY so I ski mainly in VT but I do take trips out west to Tahoe and hope to go to Whistler this year. I want a ski for when it snows in the East and for when I'm out West. I ski 50/50 on/off piste and I love to ski trees. Ideally the ski could handle groomers and hardpack but the main focus would be soft snow/trees with some bumps thrown in.

Any suggestions?

Fischer Watea 84/94?
Volkl Mantra?
Line Prophet 90?
Rossi B83?

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I'm exactly your size. I would go for the Watea 94 in a 186cm. It's easy to ski and will provide enough width & length for deeper soft snow while still being user friendly on the groomers. See;



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The Watea 94 is a solid ski, however I am a light person that skis aggresively for my size and I got the Watea 94's to chatter like a sorority girl during rush. If you ski east coast I would recommend the Volkl Mantra, reinforced with two sheets of titanium and 96 in the waist this ski does it all. If the Mantra is two stiff for ya then the Prophet 90 also another great ski would offer more play and versatility, reinforced with titanal die cut for weight savings and great edge hold. If it was my purchase there is no question it would be the Volkl Mantra hands down.
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You should consider the Nomad Crimson. It comes flat and should do what you want very well. Check it out here, http://www.phdskis.com/product_info....roducts_id=115
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head m88 - stupid good on hardpack, fun in the soft.
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I suppose I should just cut it down to a few choices and then demo them and see what I like. I would prefer to demo out at Tahoe(where I will be at the end of Feb) so I can really put the ski to the test. I may have to do that here at Killington though so I can have my ski of choice ready for my trip...

Does anyone know any good shops?

My list:

Fischer Watea 94
Head IM88
Prophet 90
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