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Compression socks

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Last season I bought some knee high ultra thin synthetic compression socks from Target in the women's section. They were just that generic Xhilaration brand, and cost about 5 bucks. I found that I really liked them for skiing. this year I went back to Target and couldn't find them.

Anyone on here ski in compression socks? Which ones do you get?
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Jobst or Juzo make a mild compression sock. Juzo used to make a wool compression sock but discontinued them. They still have about 500 pair of each size and I gave a thought to buying them and reselling but it would probably take years. I'd try the Jobst 12-15 or the Juzo 15-20. You can buy them on line and they work as far as compression. If it's below zero you might want to forgo the compression and go with X socks just for the warmth.
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I found this brand with a good range of compression socks and stockings: https://www.relaxsanshop.com/compression-socks-for-men-and-women 

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