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Thigh Deep Powder.....

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Face shots....

soft ....silent snow....

untracked at first... cut a bit later...!!

Scares off the groom it til its flat crowd....

Treelines to your waist....

Gotta love it .....

Skiing in western NEW YORK........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Valley...buried in lake effect...

and to think it was mud and grass and 60 degrees last Saturday....

Ya ..friggin... Hoo...Roads are closed....no one can get here

its mine all mine...... my precious mmmmm... gollum...gollum.....

all mine....... : [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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We wants it ......... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I was there this morning, still plenty of tracked up stuff and did a little poaching for fresh tracks on chute and the glade next to yodeler. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully there is fresh off of eagle and the wall since they havent been open. soo nice...got my first face shots ever today, definitely one of my best days on skis.
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Garick All Lifts and Slopes Friday Eagle ....Falcon should be Prime

I am always here... hope you enjoy

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I actually remember a few times at H.V. when we had thigh deep pow. Actually light and fluffy stuff. Gotta love the lake effect Gods. Sorry I missed it but not really cause I was in Colorado basking in the sun taking in the Blue Bird Skies at Breck, Vail and Steamboat.

Had the opportunity Friday to watch the last chance qualifier for the X Games, Half Pipe Comp for Skiers. There were two holiday Valley guys trying to make it. Corry, happened to finish first in points in the second heat, getting him a chance to compete in the games. Mark, just missed out but still made a good showing. Just goes to show everyone that little Holiday Valley still continues to pump out world class talent. Who says you have to ski big mountains all the time to be good.

i happened to catch some of the world junior mogul championships at Steamboat on Sunday. There's some awesome young talent out there.
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yeah, cory is amazing. I wonder how it is that so many good skiers come out of the valley. Do you know mark and cory or did they announce where they were from or something?
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Cory and Mark have been good friends with my Son Daryl for a long time now, having competed against and with each other at various comps. Mark and Daryl are roomies at College in Steamboat.
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