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Where to go

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I know that this has probably been a thread at some point but I just don't have the time or the energy to read through all of them to find it. My friend just moved to Parker, CO and is planning on a snowboarding day the weekend of the 30th of November. He is a first timer to the west, originally from PA and he did a lot of riding at 7 Springs. Any suggestions for a great place to start out in CO. He would be an upper intermediate rider who would like some terrain parks but also likes the groomers. Any opinions? Thanks.
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Where to Go

i would say Breckenridge has everything you've stated he's looking for. another option would be Copper. Both resorts are great at getting at least one park area (if not more) up and running early season. both resorts have quality grooming and a variety of terrain challenges, so if he gets bored w/ the easier stuff he can move up the ladder.

Since i used to live in Breck, there's a little personal bias there as to choosing them first. but either resort will work. i get to go to 7 springs on the 30th. i'd gladly switch places w/ your friend. Cheers.

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