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Keystone/Breckenridge Nov. 21 and 23

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I skied Keystone on the 21st and Breckenridge on the 23rd.

Breckenridge had better coverage than Keystone but both places only had blues open. As for total area, Breckenridge had more and their blues are a bit steeper. Keystone had some more barespots/rocks. It looks like Breck is making some serious snow and should open up a few more runs soon (although the weather forecast begs to differ with temps rising above freezing soon).

Both places get pretty crowded by 11 or so and become a beginner skier dodging competition. At some points it's almost too packed to ski.

It was good to get out for a few days but for anything other than a blue-loving intermediate skier it's still too early for a really good weekend. If you just want to make a few turns, though, I'd say it's okay for that. I'd recommend Breck out of the two, but I haven't yet skied any of the others.

From driving by Vail it's not looking so hot and Beaver Creek didn't look like it's going to be very good either.
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Keystone opened Peru today, but you still ended up back over to Silverspoon. You could then ski all the way back to Peru. Talked to patrol and he said the water issues were with Denver Water Board and that on Tues. they would be firing up a lot more snowmaking.

It was fun lapping Peru until about 10:30
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No place except the backcountry is going to be "good" right now. Even the BC will be sketch and require finding the right aspect.

I live in Vail and it has decent coverage on the one run, cold temps have helped. The Beav should open with two runs.

Bottom line is we need more snow and BAD. A foot plus is needed to really help. This next week won't be as cold but won't be the 60 degree temps we saw for a month either. Looks like a good NW flow aloft and hopefully something good on Wed and again for the weekend. Don't get your hopes up, La Nina is strong and the pattern will shift before long. Get used to enjoying anything we can, it is going to be a long dry winter.
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I'm not too pessimistic right now. Some winters start off strong, others start off weak. Last winter started well, then tapered off, then eneded fairly strong. So really it's just a matter of waiting for some good snowfall. Hopefully mother nature is just storing up all the goods for later.
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went to a-basin (tue), breck (wed thu) and keystone (friday). A basin was the least crowded. Breck had the best run open (Columbia) but got uber crowded as the day went along. Keystone was icy and had bare spots with a lot of ppl. Still fun!
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From what I hear Eldora had a strong opening and is sporting a pretty decent base. If you like that kind of thing.
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Tried to get a few early runs at the Stone today. We were probably 30th on the gondola and even the first run was insane. It only got worse and we left by 10am. Wonder how many accidents today?
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Loveland still has decent snow, despite focusing snow-blowing on Chairs 3 and 6 (which aren't open to public yet).

Spillway on Chair 1, the steepest run open, is starting to get scraped (rocks and bare spots).

Otherwise, coverage on open runs is good, with a few icy patches.

We spoke to some Breckenridge refugees at lunch. They fled due to crowds, seeking sanctuary in Loveland. Loveland had more skiers today than I've seen since mid-October. But, lift-lines were never more than about 7 min.

Snow is urgently needed. But little seems in the offing.
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