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Heli-Skiing Whistler/Blackcomb

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Well, since I'm fairly new here and this is my first thread, I'll introduce myself a little. I've been skiing since I was 7 in and around upstate New York, Vermont, and Maine. Some of my skiing has also been done out west, but unfortunately I can only make it there for about a week or two every year. I consider myself to be on the advanced level, borderline expert but don't quite have the confidence to make that jump.

Now, one thing that does look interesting to me when I go to Whistler this January is Heli-Skiing. Has anyone here done it? Impressions? I know it can be quite expensive, especially for only 4 runs. It's probably the only aspect I really don't know much about. Any reviews on this forum that my retarded mind couldn't search for on this topic?

Any feedback will be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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There are two forms of search you can use on Epic:
-Google search "Search the forums with Google"
-The vBulletin search (the search pulldown on the top right side underneath the welcome box.
Google does a better job with multiple keywords. The advanced search does a good job isolating by forum and keyword in the thread title(use the advanced search).

I used the vBulletin search on helicopter and found this thread which might help you get started. A google search of heli-skiing turned up this thread at the top of the list.

The heli skiing out of Whistler is a crap shoot. When the snow is marginal at the resort, it can be tough to get a seat. To guarantee a seat you need to book in advance. But you'll feel like an idiot if there's fresh snow at the resort and while you're paying big $$$ to get marginally better snow and less vertical simply because you booked in advance. Even if you do book in advance, you could get shut out by weather. That said, if you're a rookie to the backcountry, it's nice to be under the care of a professional guide for your first time out. As I said in the other thread, if you have the money, it's worth every penny.

My sig pick is from my first heli ski trip which was a 1/2 day 2 run deal in Portillo. In one sense it was horribly slow and pretty lame steep wise, but the pic pretty much says it all. If you're at all hesitant about committing the $$$ for heli, then try cat skiing instead. That's how I started. Once I had done cat skiing, I knew I was ready for heli.
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