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Replacements for Lange L10

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Time for a new pair of boots. Reasons posted elsewhere so I won't repeat. I know what I want in terms of performance...

What I want is pretty much everything my current L10 is (Lange L10 with the low volume race liner), except I'd like some more 'spring' in the flex and a bit of give in the footbed. I tried on a pair of Lange Freeride 130 and they seemed to tick all the performance boxes I wanted; I tried the Freeride 110 and they felt a bit too soft...although it was in a shop and I guess they'd get stiffer in the cold. So, that's the base requirements for how the boot has to work, and if it wasn't for comfort/fit, I'd have bought the Freeride 130s on the spot.

Now the problem...the fit! I've NEVER had a comfortable pair of boots in 40-odd years of skiing...except perhaps my first leather clip Koflaches...but they were like slippers and soaked up water like sponges. Thereafter I've had an assortment of brands (including lesser known stuff like Humanic, Caber & Scott). I've had flow-fit, thermo-fit, foamed boots, and 'take a razor-blade to the liner fit' with the Scott Superhots, but I've always had pain down the outside of my feet from the little toe back, and pain over my inside ankle bone. I guess I've just got a wide foot on the outside, and a sticky-out ankle bone on the inside.

I bought the L10s a few years ago after skiing Lange ZRs for a few years; I liked the way the Langes skied, even though they hurt like h3ll. But with the advent of boot fitters I really made an effort to get the L10s to be comfortable and although it made them better it didn't really make them pain-free. I had the shells widened on the outside of my foot 3 times (wider each time, and with different boot fitters in different countries), plus other mods, had custom footbeds made up etc.

Another problem is still (apart from the pain) that even with the shells widened, I'm skiing on the last [loosest] clip fitting on 2 'foot' clips, and the micro adjustment is wound right out. In truth, I'd be sking all morning with the 2 bottom clips totally undone, and would only be able to get them clipped on the loosest setting pain-free by lunch time. This means the shell, although now just wide enough, it really too 'tall' as it's not clipped down, so the bottom strap/clip on the cuff fouls top of the foot way before maximum flex is reached, so the flex is real uneven. And if I clip the foot clips up to clear the cuff flexing forward, the shell gets too narrow.

So I guess I'm looking for a real wide fitting boot, with a low volume liner, with L10/Freeride130 style performance. No idea what the mondo size is or whatever, but my existing L10s are US size 8 1/2 / Euro 42, and I visited a few shops and every other boot I was measured for came up with shells in US 8 1/2 / Euro 42. I liked the idea of the Full Tilt, but with the correct length fore and aft, the side of my foot was touching the shell in the boot without even a liner in! With the liner, I couldn't even get my foot into the boot - ugly sister style! I also tried a Salamon Impact Pro...felt OK for flex, but again too narrow as standard. And even though I wasn't struck with any of the Head boots I tried on (but prepared to listen), again too narrow.

Finally, I'd also like a boot with a 'wider' tongue. I really liked the idea of the Full Tilt liner, but there was no way that would fit. With the L10s (and in fact the 130s), the edge of the tongue now presses on a metal plate I've acquired down the side of my tibia, so a tongue with more 'wrap around' or a less pronounced edge would be nice.

So, there we go. Do I just go with the Freeride 130s on the grounds of performance, then have load of work done widening the shells, and then also having the same problem with forward flex with the cuff fouling on the 'loosely clipped' foot, or is there something else I should be looking at? I do like the idea of the Dalbello Krypons too, but I'm in the UK and there's no-one here that sells them so it would be internet/untried fit...and after the real narrow Full Tilts it's not something I want to gamble on.

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good info for us, thanks

my vote is the 130's and make em wider. if you need to buy an intuition liner (same as the full tilt) and use that in the 130.

Funny, usually if you can't fit the FT, can fit the FR130, you should be happy in the impact.

most boots will need some work off the rack for most people.

Also most people are down one shell size in the 130's from the langes of the past. I was a 7, now a 6 in the 130FR.
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