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Wallpaper/desktop thread

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I'm looking for wallpaper/desktop images, skiing or snow related, preferably a picture with trees with snow on them in it. I love pictures like that. Trying to get a big folder of pictures on my powerbook, so I can have set to keep changing the desktop, and I won't see the same picture come around again every few hours or days or whatever I set it to. I have 3 or 4 now.

So, like I said, if pictures of snow covered trees with someone skiing or just snow covered trees or just snow covered buildings or things of the sort could be posted up, that'd be awesome. Right now, I look out my window, and I see...a barren brown landscape. I would like something more...inspiring to look at, on my computer.

Photo #9 here-http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...367#post786367
is awesome, IMO. I love it. Anything similar would be great, or a desktop size photo would be great. Mad props to the photographer, this is one of, if not *the* coolest ski pic I've seen. I love it.

Thanks. :

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Check out the Whistler website at www.whistlerblackcomb.com. If you don't mind a little of their promos on the bottom, they have a number of images you might like in most sizes.

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Just go to Webshots, download the screensaver/picture organizer program and then you can download thousands of images and make a wallpaper/screensaver show...
I did that (I even bought webshots licence, when it was not free) but now it has got out of hands, sort of, I download every picture I see, be it of ski, mountains, sea air land, rarely I see the same image scroll by twice in a month now...
Or, you can scan one of yours and have it as a wallpaper, I did it with this picture here (its' my actual desktop wallpaper) :
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