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Neuropsychology of Practice

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Interesting paper on practice--


It's about playing music but so much of it would apply equally well to skiing.
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Something about the link I just posted. I'll probably start my ski season on Sunday. I've been doing the mental practice thing. It's funny. I notice a defect in my turn, right at x-over, holding on the old inside edges a tad too long and not moving quite early enough into the new turn; it's like a little hestitation. I'm going to try to fix it in my head before I even ski. I'll see if it works on Sunday.
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l2t, this is really great stuff, isn't it? I know many people tend to react negatively to the power of the mind to address the practice requirements, yet it really is true: practice makes permanent; only perfect practice makes perfect. The only perfect practice is that we make mentally.

Anyway, I'm a staunch believer in its power for virtually everything in life, not the least of which is skiing.
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learn2turn, thanks for the link, good stuff.
Sounds like a little mind skiing before bed every night may make for a quick start to the season.
Like Steve I'm a big believer in perfect practice in the minds eye for all of lifes adventures.
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