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new coaches jackets

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Any good suggestions on where to order 13 new coaches jackets? dj
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Beyond X
Helly Hanson

All do team sales Call them direct

I've had team jackets from patagonia, Descente, marmot and Nike (don't know if they make anything good for skiing anymore). Most companies will work with you if they have anything left in stock. If they won't work with you ask for a store or regional rep to work with.
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Try Karbon as well. Or if you get Desperate head down to Tractor Supply and pickup some Carhartt's! I have one and it's bulletproof. What it lacks in water resistence is more than made up in it's windproof kevlar like fabric!
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Descente is sold out for this year, but they do make an excellent coat. Check out the Spyder coats at Reliable racing.
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