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Night Skiing Sans Lights

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Anyone ever skied at night without lights and lifts? Skins or snomobile are needed.

Some friends and I like to skin up with our dogs and party a little at the top. We always stop and talk to the groomers and invite them to our top of the mountain party (they like the diversion.) Then the downhill... It's really interesting dealing with little or no depth perception. It gives one a feeling of vertigo cause you can't really tell how close the ground is to you by sight. So, you turn up your sense of feel and concentrate on balance and projecting yourself down the hill. We always pick freshly buffed black diamond terrain so as not to kill ourselves.
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I skied in the dark and, hate to say (although fun at the time), somewhat drunk.

There is an on-mountain (about 1/4-1/2 mile up?) bar called the 'Krazy Kangaroo' at St. Anton, Austria. Their happy hour starts about 3:30. Everyone leaves the ski on the snow (so you just have to step in when ready to go), heads into the bar.. next thing you know, you're doing shots, it's 8pm, they turn on the lights and close the bar. When you step outside, it's pitch dark, there are no lights other than the lights from the town down below, and you are toast..

it was probably extremely irresponsible, but at the time, it was a blast.
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Let's see, I've gone and skied at night at Keystone on some of the trails that weren't lit. Does that count? I love that feeling of not being able to see where you are skiing, it's very zen, so long as the terrain is consistent. Unlike the timeI was sking in total whiteout in the china bowl at vail, only that wasn't so fun because it was bumps and you pretty much just got thrown around like a doll, and the veritgo made you feel like you were going to puke.
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If I told you I would have to kill you!!

p.s. its better when there's a full moon.

p.p.s. oops, I've said too much. gotta go.

p.p.p.s. Don't let the groomers put out any squack on the radio, it invites others that you don't want to know, i.e. management. Damn, there I go saying too much again.
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there was this time 2 seasons ago...squaw was having its night skiing thing. The lights went out as we were coming out of the gondola...most of the people got called abck into the gondola...but my friend and a few others managed to squeak out. Full moon...snow wasn't hardpack either...heat veins running under the main run? We kinda jammed down the run with a no guts no glory attitude. I popped off from a flat area to a steeper area pretty fast and clipped my ski on a chunk of snow and had a full yard sale....pretty fun tho [img]smile.gif[/img]

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A good headlamp (if you don't consider that cheating) is a big help. However, not when it's snowing
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For those who find Bretton Woods too easy, try it in the dark! After getting bored with the intermediate lit terrain, I went under lotsa ropes and did Darby's Drop & Deception Bowl in almost total darkness. Fun, but I'd think twice about doing it again. I agree with the comment about wearing a head lamp.
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One more benny of being on Patrol. You just gotta go chasing after those shadows on the unlit runs.
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