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zipfit size

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Hi, I'm on 27" tecnica agent 100, wondering 26.5 or 27.5 of zipfit would fit me ? I've seen serveral zipfit on the bay, but never seen 27, this convince me that the boot size of 27 should fit with 27.5 zipfit ? The agent 100 is kind of medium volume, however I have a big feet, with the factory liner, I have a feeling that it's little bit too small, it's really tight on my calf. I guess zipfit is probably thinner which should give my feet more room.?
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You should look at the "WCup" Zip Fit liner in a 27/27.5! Where do you live? If you are around Reno, I carry these liners and Intuitions and can fit you up with either one!

good luck!
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heh, I'm in the midwest.
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I just purchased and skied my Zipfits this month. I would not buy these on-line. The fit must be right, or they will be uncomfortable.

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These are great liners but fit is critical and often requires several adjustments. When they are not fit properly, they can hurt like hell.
DON'T buy these online.
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These guys are right, It is important to heat the shells in a convection oven and the liners on some heat stacks to get a decent initial fit. the beauty of these liners are they keep getting better as you wear them. A great accessory to think about with the liners is a heated boot bag. This just helps every time you put your boots on they are warm and can begin conforming right away.
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