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Fischer Porohete questions?

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I am curious about the Porohete 190cm? Is the porohete fischer's version of a softer fat ski, compared to the watea? Also, anyone that has skied either fischer, how long has it taken you to ski the flex out of your ski? I have been skiing the 05/06 gotama for going on four seasons. The fritschi freeride has helped keep the underfoot still stiff (or at least that is what I believe), they have noodled in the tip, but still have enough in the tail to still save me. I only ski them in the backcountry these days since the edges are nonexsistent, and am looking for a resort complement.

The dims on Porohete and Gotama are very very similar with the Porhete @ 135-106-123 and Gotama @ 133-105-124. Anyone ski both have any opinions? Thanks for any help.
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I skied the orignal model Watea 101 last season and a few days in the spring the season before that. I have a quiver, so I only brought them out about 8-10 days last year for deep or soft snow. Check the Gear Reviews forum for my spring conditions review. After skiing them in powder and crud last season my impressions haven't changed much. I believe they have stiffened up the new model some, but mine are incredibley soft flexing, but very stiff torrsionally. They came with almost no camber, so they really do not do well on hardpack, but my 215 lb. weight probably doesn't help. The raised tails also turn them into a 182 on the packed. Even in powder they ski short because they flex so easily.

I really enjoy them in soft snow, but they are not like any other ski I have ever skied. They are marketed as "big moutain freeride" skis, but I would want something way stiffer (particularly in the tips) if I was going to really step on the gas on the steeps in funky conditions. OTOH in deep powder, softer curd, or slush they are a total blast. Considering their size they are playful and forgiving like nothing I have ever skied. In heavier snow they still go right where you point them, but they are flapping a little during the process. If you think your Goats are noodled out you would probably find the Wateas too soft for your liking, but they are exactly what I want for a powder day.

The Fischer marketing doesn't really distinquish the Porphete from the Watea very well, so it's hard to tell how they differ, other than the raised tail piece on the Watea giving it an extra 2 mm and making it a little more twin tippy and swallow tailish. I always thought they were basically the same ski, except for the waist. I can't imagine that the 106s being softer than the 101s.
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I skied the Porohete 190 the season before last. It is not a real soft ski. I'd put it in the medium range perhaps akin to the current K2 Coomba. It skied about 12-18" of high density Sierra "powdah" very well. In fact, back to back with a Pontoon, it was nearly as good in that glop and way better out of the glop. I own a 183 Goat but that's not a fair comparison because of the greatly differing lengths (plus I didn't have the Goat with me that day) Subjectively, I'd say the Goat is a little stiffer.

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Thanks for your replies, mudfoot and sierraJim. Its been tough to find online an honest opinion of the Fischer Porohete. It seems that everyone (retailers and online reviews etc.) buys into the marketing b.s. the ski companies put out. I am very close to pulling the trigger on buying a pair, I like the skied out Gotama still, and think the Porohete will compare nicely. Thanks again.

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Please post a review after you have skied the Porohetes. As you have found, there is very little objective info on line. I think Fischer came out with a really great crop of freeride skis, but intially had them in limited lengths and then changed the skis and the names around in such a confusing way that it's very hard to tell what they are anymore. I always enjoy sierraJim's reviews and I'd appreciate anything you can add later in the season after you have skied them for a while. Thanks.
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The Porohete is identical to the Big Stix 106. The only difference is the top sheet graphics. Look for opinions about the Stix. They have been around many years, so it shouldn´t be hard to find.

Overall a very easy to handle ski with good float and decent hard pack abilities. Maybe not the best at anything, but on the other hand not bad at anything either. You can´t go wrong with them really. I have a friend who have a seriously abused pair. Several delams, multipel sidewall and edge bursts and nowadays a non original negative camber. But the still ski pretty nice and the **** stays together. Impressive.
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Been skiing it for a few months now. They are nice and fat for the deep, dont like to turn, and are dead in terms of playfullness. I take them out when it is deep and untracked. They are heavy and have lost most of the little pop they ever had in 15 days.
Do I have anything positive to not jinx the karma of the Porohete? It is snowing tomorrow, the season is still young and you shall continue to float, just don't ******* go any softer on me or I'll make a bench out of you.
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