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They have arrived. Nava love

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Linked here. My Nava's are here. I got to play with them (I will post pics soon), and paying with these. I am thinking [Gene Wilder voice from Young Frankenstein] It...could..WOOOORRRK![/Gene Wilder voice from Young Frankenstein]. Laterally these are very stiff, but too much reward flex. But..with a shape ski, I think these could work. My thoughts are that these were invented a decade early. I mentioned this to Finndog, he referrenced another movie, Ghostbusters, and said "To get these together..would be bad". We will see. I want to get some SCX's and see how they are.

Pic's to come soon.
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Now all you need is a jacket to go with them.

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VA -
Phil - Pics of equipment, Movie of you skiing on them!
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Uh, a guy I knew when I was a teen (he was full of money amongst other things and had, despite being -what here and on TGR would say- a poser, always the newest gear) one year arrived on the mountain with a pair of ski mounted with the Nava ski system...
Since he was unable to ski, and was always "sitting backward" took some memorable tumble (the front of the boot is loosely "hooked" to the ski by means of a buttonhole carved into the bootsole. Said buttonhole mates with a pin mounted on the ski). At least, the use of Nava ski system cured his backward stance, once and for all...
The product testimonial of the times was Piero Gros...
So, Phil, are you set upon emulate him?
I wanna see some video!
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I was a Rep. for the Nava Skiing System, in Colorado, in the '80's. I still use them today. I have them mounted on a pair of Rossi Bandit XX, that must be 8-10 yrs old. I will ski the rest of my life on this system. It's safer (for the knee) warmer and ooh soo comfortable. Just to clairify, I'm not a bad skiier, taught for 10 years, taught instructers how to teach for several yrs, was  afirst alt. on NW demo team, won several exibition ski contests in the 60's and 70's, was asked by the '68 interski team at Aspen to demonstrate with them some exibition skiing.


I really believe if this product had been marketed properly, we would still be seeing it today. I'll never go back to the heavy hard boots.

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