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I hate you...

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I am normally a kind and considerate human being. Not prone to outbursts of hatred, but, if your car is in the following photo, I hate you.
A lot of cars, but none of them are mine


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I do note a familiar black Audi S4 in that lot.
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Just so you can spread your hatred around I'm posting the latest picture from Big Sky. I'm just leaving the office to join Bob Peters for an afternoon skiing there.

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NOW, NOW, Fox, it's not nice to hate. Envy is OK. I spent Saturday and Sunday in the snow storm that hit the East Coast last weekend. I had to ski in fresh snow both day's, sometimes I was up to my mid thight's in Powder on my fat skis. I just measured my leg, that's 30 inch to the mid thigh. Oh yea, did I mention that the snow was so dry you could not make it into a snow ball. It just wouldn't hold together.

This weekend it looks like it will be sunny and cold great weather for all this new snow.

How's things in the UK...
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Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.....

....or that its getting ready to dump in the Sierra, a mere 1.5 hour drive from my house.
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No avalanche problems in Manchester this morning, superb cloudless days Sunday and Monday. Great friction for climbing the gritstone in the Peak District and it's been dumping in Europe and USA. The anticipation's so high I need a snorkle to breath! Less than two weeks to wait, then trips both sides of the pond and White Christmas to boot.

Enjoy the freshies while you can. Me and my skis are on thier way to a ski area near you!

[ December 10, 2003, 01:52 AM: Message edited by: freshtracks ]
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dude, dont be a hater; but as long as you are; hate me too. i put in 60+ hour work weeks for november and was justly rewarded w/ the storms that came thru CO this week.

started skiing keystone on monday as the storms came in and followed with breck on tuesday and wednesday on 10" of freshies !
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