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Outdoor Life Network in the Northeast

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Just wanted to get some idea of who gets this channel in the Northeast and what cable company they have. Is it worth it in terms of skiing coverage? Well, I guess anything is worth it compared to the Golf channel. I do get that on RCN. Woo hooo!!!
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We get it on satellite, which means we can watch WC racing at all hours of the day! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I get this channel In DC through Starpower. They have a lot of ski coverage, however if you have a 9 to 5 you won't be able to see much of it. Most of the FIS races and the Warren Miller show is on during the day. You could always record it. They do show FIS for an hour on Thursday nights and sometimes I find more in the wee hours.
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The skiing coverage is no more than a couple hours every other day or so, but the FIS coverage this season is a vast improvement over the previous efforts. There's some filler Ski TV and Warren Miller in there to round out the ski section. If you like adventure sports (like the Eco Challenge) or less-covered events like rodeo or sailing, it's well worth the effort to get it.
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I'm in NJ, just outside Philly, and we get OLN on Comcast Cable.
I like it for the ski shows and Eco challenge.
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Well, I have been put on the channel request list with RCN. If anyone else on here has RCN, please call them up or email them and request OLN. Every time I click past the Golf channel I think of what should be in its place. The percentage of the population that is into skiing, climbing, hiking, cycling etc... must far exceed that of the lone sport of golf. It's a no brainer as far as viewership. With my luck, they'll add the Tennis channel.
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Golfers outnumber us snow people almost 2.5 to 1.

13 million plus skiers & boarders
30.5 million golfers

500+ ski resorts in USA
16,000 golf courses + an unknown number of driving ranges.

Golf channel vs a Ski channel is a no brainer for the cable companies. (Plus, more of them golf than anything else outdoors I'd bet).

This article http://www.golfinsite.net/the_golf_channel.htm is a pretty good one that gives some perspective on the popularity of a TV channel that features chasing a little white ball around a field full of holes. (as opposed to flinging ones body down a mountainside
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OLN is not a skiing channel. Where did you dream up that idea? It is an outdoor enthusiast's and adventure channel. That includes skiing/boarding, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, hunting and shooting, kayaking, canoeing, RV'ing, yacht racing, pleasure boating, rodeo and bull riding, wildlife, cycling, mountain biking... the list goes on. I ask you to re-think your idea of a no-brainer.
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Yeah, you're right about OLN not being ski specific.
I guess my point is the there is enough of a golfing market on it's own to support a dedicated channel and that makes it a more focused "narrowcast" than the broad mix that makes up OLN.
I think that this extremely focused market is what makes it a no brainer for the cable operators.

Ideally, there should be room in your cable system for both, but when there isn't, the cable operator will choose the channels that result in the most revenue (Like the shopping channels) or the one that interests the decision makers (i.e. golfers).

Good luck on getting OLN added to your channel lineup. It's a fun channel to watch because of the exposure to other sports.
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