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How low can you go!

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I picked up a pair of atomic 9.10s last season. The first day i couldn't believe how much and how radical they carved. To begin with i used poles, as i normally would, but as i skiied more i realized that half the time poles just got in the way! So i tossed em. The rest of the day -choke-choke- i looked like a carveboarder. I got so low to the ground my hip would hit the snow and knock me off my edge!
Later that season i met up with a couple of really technical carveboarders that could rip it. These guys's bodies were parallel to the ground, inches off the snow. They really knew how to carve. I asked if i could shadow their turns and they said "if you can keep up." I could stay in all of their turns except a few. Wow! Thats what you call fun.
-anyone else got any crazy carvin stories?
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Last year I got some new 190 Head SuperCross Ti's near the end of the season, and the conditions were prett sh!tty so I started trying to carve as deep as I could (to pass the time), I was able to get my hand to touch the ground and drag my knuckles, my hip was touching the ground half the time too. This on 190 length freeride skis!!! Anyhow it was great fun, I kept my poles though.
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