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Great newspaper coverage

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I sometimes wonder if NBC bought the Olympic rights just to black it out from everybody and ruin the games; I think their coverage is that bad.. I wont even start on the Mogels, and how they showed only 25% of the runs.. I blinked and missed most of the downhill..What's msnbc for? At least we're getting some curling, which is a totally goofy and great sport! (having grown up in Wisconsin and Minnesota and subsisted entirely on beer and brats, I get it..} Anyway our local newspaper coverage is great.. Deseret News. http://deseretnews.com/dn Lot's of background and especially useful to me who only knows of the more famous athletes... the Deseret News is the official church paper; so there's this big knee-jerk rivelry between it and the secular Salt Lake Tribune, kind of like if you're non-Mormon around here people feel compelled to smoke.. gets old. But it's also the best writing by far in SL. The Park Record in PC is a great little paper too, in my humble opinion...
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NBC is a corporation with shareholders. Their "job" is to make money, to run a successful business, NOT necessarily to produce the greatest snowsport coverage, though one would imagine it is in their interest to do the best they can, given that some want alpine, some want luge, some want figure skating, and some want curling.
I, too, am extremely frustrated by not getting alpine covered the way I want it covered. (If it were covered the way I want it covered, and I were the head of programming/production, I would not long be the head of programming/production.)
There's almost no way, given the scope of the games, the logistics of covering them, etc., etc., that everyone (anyone?) is going to be pleased. And, certainly, there are people making decisions that have probably never stepped into bindings. (These people are not paid to step into bindings.) This is the manifestation of capitalism, which takes places in other parts of the world, not just here, and it's about inevitable that it's going to get mucked up per "our" mostly collective sensibility about, for example, alpine coverage.
To sit back and get pissed at NBC, or whomEVER is covering it, is a waste of time and seems to me to forget about the cold, hard reality of the situation. I don't like a lot of it, either, but I'm not going to delude myself by wishing and waiting for "them" to finally get it right.
This ain't OLN, and it ain't SpeedVision covering F1. (Both OLN and SpeedVision are companies with their eyes on the bottom line, too. They are out to MAKE A PROFIT. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous. It just happens that their coverage, because of the vast differences in aim and logistics, is more likely to meet "our" general satisfaction. And, as should go without saying, the demographics of the target audience(s) are immensely dissimilar to that watching summer/winter Olympic games.)
(SpeedVision knows, for one, that I WILL get up at 4 a.m. to watch a race live.)

"Whaddaya want for nothin', rubber biscuits?" (That's probably a little too "inside" for mass consumption.)

I hear you and feel your pain. but...no, I don't think NBC bought the rights just to black out and ruin the games.
Unless, of course, the widget counters sent out a company-wide e-mail/memo proclaiming that route to be the most profitable.
Could be. But I doubt it.

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Steve Martin. a.k.a. King Tut. "Got a condo made o' stone-a". Funky Tut.

You need to roll your Rs better, RRrryan.
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I thought that the Salt Lake Trubune has been doing pretty good job as well.
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Ya think it's generational?

It's closer to rrrrrrrrrubber bisCUIT!
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Since I help pay for it (anyone owning a TV set in the UK has to pay an annual licence fee) I'd be delighted to share the BBC website Olympics coverage with you:

You'll find it refreshingly free of any commercial agenda (he said sanctimoniously)
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