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bindings for volkl karma's

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I just picked up a used pair of karma's and was wondering on what type of bindings to put on these beasts....they're drilled for some markers and I have a pair of M6.2 hanging around, but had a questions about the raiser that these bindings have? Would I be making a mistake using the M6.2s on these skis?

Thanks for the help.

Take care and have a nice Thanksgiving.

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I'd go for something flat:

Lool PX12/Rossi Axial2 Ti 120/Scratch 120 (though with either of these make sure they're drilling properly through the topsheet, which can be a little thick and affect the sitting of the binding...that's what happened to mine)

Mojo 15 (love this binding)

Solly S912/914

Any of those should be fine.
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Beast meaning the 185 length? The Karma is not much of a beast in my opinion. You didn't mention any specifics as to your utilization, height weight etc.....

As I recall the 6.2 is a Din 10 binding, intermediate with around a 30mm standheight. Will the binding mount in the existing holes and fit your Boot sole length? Most likely it won't be ideal if it will fit and most likely the brakes are going to have to be tweaked to fit the 87mm Karma waist.

All said, Dookey's comments are inline. I have mine mounted with Axial "ones"
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yes they are 185s, the beast term was general talk, myself, I'm 46, 6.3 @ 210# I DIN at 8-9; skiing the norhteast, jay, the river and the loaf; mostly glades with some grommers to get to the glades. I bought these as my pow skis. The hole on the boards match the M6.2 and my boot size, so it would be a no brainaah (boston talk) to just mount them and go....my real question was about the standheight that's part of the ESP systems. Based on my readings, I'm going to mount them flat and go for it....and to add to what you said...I'll ski anything...as long as it will hurl me dowm the wonderful white stuff....and offer some protection when I screw up!!

Thanks guys.
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Standheight is only around 30mm on these. I wouldn't sweat it too much. If you have them, ski them and see, but for me I'd watch for the 9.2 or the like maybe with a bit less standheight on Gear swap or E-bay. You should be able to pick up a nice set for around $50.
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Thanks for all your thoughts on the topic, as well Gear swap, I'll check it out.
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