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We Open Tomorrow

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Well folks,

Got my uniform packed, skis in the car, cancelled a shit load of appointments and I am going skiing tomorrow. The Lady of the Lake a close cousin of Ullr (sp) has graced us with new snow and complete coverage here in the Great Lakes region. My local hill is opening up four weeks earlier than last year and the weather forecast looks good. So the season will officially begin tomorrow. See you there Pierre.

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What is your home mountain? We are set to open on the 10th. They've been making snow like mad and dumps that we had over the weekend really helped.
For the snow makers. As the predicted lows will be around -21c, does that mean that they can open the valves wide open and increase output without sacrificing quality?
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I think PowDigger teaches with Pierre at Boston Mills/Brandywine in Ohio.
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Got me pegged. Pretty good for early Dec. but I missed Pierre by a couple of hours maybe I will catch up to him later. the whole place should be open by the weekend.

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The child unit was very upset by my going skiing during school hours. I am obligated to go skiing tonight. I will pick up her pass and then she insists on going to Brandywine.

All I did yesterday was exercises designed to get me in the center of the ski and over the sweat spot in balance. Basically it was "Cover up gold pin" for the first hour and a half.
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Holiday Valley is in pretty nice shape. Skied in powder the last few days. Should have most of the resort open by tomorrow. I tell you what, loosing 35 lbs. really helped. Wow! I feel like I'm skiing in mid season. Used the T-Powers, forgot how nice those skis really perform. Hope to ski with you guys some day soon.
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