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Sizing for kids boots

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I have a 6 year old daughter. Skier. She's in a size 1 shoe. Obviously, her feet are growing. Comfort is an obvious factor, but so is performance. She only skis about a 10 days a year, mostly in all day kids classes since my ski area allows me to put her in them for free and she really enjoys it. Although ski skis in a wedge, it's a very technically correct wedge (guides with the front of the steering ski, uses her edges very well, stable upper body, doesn't push the skis into a wedge or brake with a wedge, doesn't side slip at all on the turning ski), and has made a few spontaneous chrities, so I suspect will be skiing with an early to middle matching parallel later this season. So I want to make sure there's some amount of performance in the boot, and it's not just all based on comfort. That said, I'd like to not have to get new boots mid season.

I plan on going with a 3 buckle boot (had been in rear entry through last year). When I've tried boots on her, she just says "yeah, it fits", but can't explain much beyond that.

What would the proper size be? Should I stick with a 1? Then, as her feet grow over the next 6 months, the boot will become tighter and she'll get a little better performance out of it? Or should I go down or up half a size.

What say ye, ol' boot gurus?
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keep going down in sizes until you hear that "this is too small" not that "ya this fits" Then go up one size from that.

When you remove the liner hope that this is 1-2cm behind her heel and the boots shell.

comfort > performance for a kid

they don't want to win anything, they just want to slide around and have fun, with warm happy toes
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