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What do you think about a "EuroZone"?

Poll Results: Would you like to see a EuroZone?

  • 62% (10)
    Yes! :)
  • 18% (3)
    No! :(
  • 18% (3)
    I don't mind :dunno
16 Total Votes  
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I've noticed a lot of threads recently about coming to Europe, and that's great to see - I'm always encouraging my Euro friends to make a trip to north America - I think it's important to travel and experience different cultures, ski resorts, etc.

One of the problems is the time difference - someone posts a question about Europe, and by the time we (Europeans) get out of our beds over here, there have been a lot of other threads started, and maybe it's 2-3 pages into the list before we see the one where we might be able to help.

So we (admin/moderators) were wondering how you would feel about having a EuroZone, a specific area for European discussions - in a sense like the "Ask A Pro" threads, but "Ask A Euro" (although you won't need to show your passport to post ).
It would also allow for the growing number of European posters on here to be a family within the bigger community of EpicSki.

What do you think?
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I say, Bring It!
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Good idea. It seems there are a lot of repeat questions and answers, because the info is fairly well disbursed. It might lure a few more snowheads over here too.
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Riight, next step will be a merge or a twinning 'tween Epic and Snowheads...
Epic-Heads? Epic-Snow? Bear-Heads? Snow-Bears?
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Anyway, i voted "don't mind" because if it is a mean to help organizing threads which may concern Europe, so not to have threads lost in the gazillions of informations EPIC has,ok.
Its evolution could be region-specific area sub-forum, so next ought to come up the Rockieszone, the Easternzone, AFEzone (Australia & Far East) ...
I suppose that, if it is a good idea or not, time will tell.
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For those who haven't spotted it yet, here it is:

Nobody, yes time will tell, and I hope it turns out to be a good idea. If it doesn't get used then we may end up moving the threads back to where we got them from.
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No prob. I hope I'll do my share to make it a success.
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Segregation comes to mind.
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Originally Posted by PowHog View Post
Segregation comes to mind.
I was hoping for the opposite - allowing our voices in Europe to be heard more clearly.
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