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I finally bought my own boots, Nordica Supercharger Ignition. Skied 5 days this week and found them to be well worth their cost. I have no sore spots on my feet, or more importantly, on my shins, which has always been an issue previously.

I trusted my local bootfitter, and am very pleased. I have always rented 30.5's, but was fitted to a 29.5. They are snug, snug, snug, and I can't believe I waited so long to buy a pair!

The temperature in Summit County has been warm this past week, and my feet were frequently hot... but I don't suspect that'll be a recurring issue, nor one that is able to be remedied.

I've been pleased with the ability to search prior Epic forums to see how to keep the funky odors down - isn't an issue yet, but I can see it coming down the road.