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Need expert advice

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I have a pair of Solomon X Wave 8, size 28 shell.
I wear a size 9.5 shoe, a boot fitter said that these will be too big.

My problem is that my middle toe is long, so I always make sure that I have room up front.

If I stand barefoot in the empty shell with my toe barely touching the front, I have two finger widths in the back between my heel and the back of the boot.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed; I have a narrow heel and wide forefoot. I'm now looking at the Nordica Speedmachine 10.

I like a stiff boot at about 90-100 flex. I'm 5.8, 190 lbs. Not agressive but like to ski with precision.

My old boots were also 28 shell - Solomon Equipe 8.0 - a good 8 years old, I had the original insole and the custom on top, to get a good fit. Worked OK, at times my ankle seemed to squirm or shift (at times), but I lived with it. Need a better fit.

Thanks to all for any opinions.

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Listen to your bootfitter! With a 9.5 foot, I would be looking at a 26 shell! Check into a Salomon Impact 9 or a Dalbello Proton 10 or 12, as well as the Speedmachine. If you want precision you need to down size and have your bootfitter make room for your mortons toe.

If you want a little more snugness check out a Salomon Falcon or a Nordica Doberman Pro, Dalbello Krypton, or Tecnica Diablo!

good luck! and welcome to Epic!
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