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How are the boots I bought?

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I'm kind of rushed to buy boots; I need to patrol in a few days, and still didn't have boots this year. Local ski shop guy said a pair of nordica doberman 110's in my size were coming in, used, for 150. There was a pair of 110's that were a size too big for me, but were lightly used, and he said the others were lightly used as well. I was ready to buy the smaller pair, he said he'd hold them when they came in, and give me call. This was the other day. Called today, got a "oh, you wanted those? I sold them." Thanks. So, he said he did have some of last year's boots, nordica gts team's, at $159. Whatever, I need boots, and barely have any money. Went and tried them for a while, were comfy, I liked them. Shop said "break them in, wear them around the house, if you have issues, bring them back, swap for something else or another size or whatever."

They are a junior boot, but I am 16, so, maybe I still fall into that category? Are they an alright boot, or did I totally waste my money? Intentions are to sell them after a year or two anyway, as I'll probably outgrow them. I was in nordica b7's or something like that last year; are these going to be a little better?
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After sitting in them, walking around for a few hours, I am going to take them up on their offer to swap for half a size larger.
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if you're going to be on patrol, you should probably get a proper boot fit rather than just plunking down on some old, used gear because it's cheap.

boots don't come cheap, but it's better to splurge a bit and get a sweet fit that will last you a few seasons than to go cheap and get somethign to "tide you over".

I've been there and done that (wearing two pears of socks, stuffing the boots, etc.) IT DOESN'T WORK. It will effect your skiing. And not for the better.

If you're on patrol (at 16???? I didn't know you could join Ski Patrol that young) then you don't want some bogus equipment that's going to cause you harm when you're trying to whisk somebody down the hill in a sled.

take the time to get a proper fit and shell out a little extra $$ to insure that you get the right boot and not just a "tide me over."

You do know that there's a BOOT Section on the forums, right?

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Well, like I said, I did get new boots- last year's stuff. Cheaper, but like I said, I just don't have that kind of money to drop on boots. They're a hell of a lot better than what I was using last year. Like I said, I feel they are a tad too small; these are 27.0's, and I'm going to try some 27.5's. It'll work out well, as, IMO, not a whole lot of sense in spending 300 or 400 on boots, if I am going to outgrow them soon enough. Makes more sense to spend more money on boots when I can use them for a few years.

As for patrol, 15 is the youngest one can be. I did it a year ago, when I was 15.
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Dude - If you're gonna patrol, you'll be hating sucky boots. At least read a bunch of threads to see how to try out boots & try a bunch of boots on (even if you don't think you want to buy them), so you can figure out if you even have the right shell size (just don't waste a lot of the salesperson's time).

Anyway, good luck in your search. [When you have some $, go see one of the bootfitters from the site, or someone else with a good rep - you'll have those boots for many years...]
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