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Shattered my hip socket in off-season

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Last August, I was borrowing a friend's bicycle (he bought a brand-new Trek). I tried to pop a wheelie and lost control of the bike. I landed hard on my left foot and collapsed to the ground. At first I thought I had a dislocated hip but it turned out to be an acetabulum fracture (rather nasty one, hip bone pierced right though hip socket).

I've been recovering for the past three months. Three weeks ago I was granted 50% weight bearing on my left leg. I start back on PT tomorrow. It's been a long road.

Has anyone had a similar injury? How long did it take to recover? How long did it take before you were able to ski (if you were allowed to)?
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If you're only at 50% of weight bearing after 3 months, I kind of doubt you'll ski this season. Even after you're 100%...which won't be anytime soon, I'm thinking... on Eastern boilerplate, it would hurt like a sumbitch if you fell. Weight bearing and fully functioning are two separate animals.

You can come ride the lifts in a circle with me this year.
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I've pretty much accepted that by a miracle I will be able to catch the near end of the season. My concern is that once I'm back to being fully abled-bodied, I won't be able to return back to skiing. I'm OK with being stuck on the blue groomers but no skiing will be devastating.
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Fell on ice 1/8/08; weight-bearing since 4/1/08

My story is even sadder. I went up to S. Lake Tahoe (solo) in early January to get in some runs prior to an upcoming trip to Whistler/Blackcomb. After skiing one day at Heavenly (Nevada side, mostly), I went back to my motel, showered, changed and decided to go out to do some needless shopping. On the way back, I slipped and fell on ice and landed so hard on my right hip that the impact drove the ball of my femur through the acetabulum (hip socket), fracturing it in four or five places. I eventually wound up at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno (THE place to go with this kind of injury), where a surgical whiz pieced me back together. It took eight pins. I had to bow out of the Whistler/Blackcomb trip, of course, and scrub a planned ski trip in March to Taos, Crested Butte and Teluride with a good friend. I was only just cleared for weight-bearing a couple of weeks ago. I am going to rehab twice weekly and doing exercises daily. I'm able to walk and go up and down stairs OK.

My biggest concern right now is with what I'm told is an inflamed bursa in my right hip. The therapists have told me that it will ease off in time, but the problem has been ongoing since mid-February, well before I started putting any weight on my right foot, and I haven't noticed any improvement over the past couple of weeks. I feel like I'm carrying a brick around in there, and it pinches when I walk. So today I went to the doctor and got a cortisone shot. We're supposed to go to Italy on May 6 and I need get some kind of relief on this front before then. As for skiing next season, I hope to have a better sense of the possibilities by late November or early December.
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UPDATE: After experiencing increasing pain for months, I underwent arthroscopic surgery for a torn labrum on Dec. 8, 2008. The labral tear was collateral damage from my original fracture and surgical repair. I am now 13 weeks post-op, and still experiencing significant pressure and pain in my hip. My surgeon (at Stanford University) says that it takes anywhere from four to eight months to get back to 80 percent of normal after this procedure. Maybe I'll be able to resume skiing next season -- maybe.

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