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French snowboarder missing

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I've read this in another forums.
Marco Siffredi has last been seen while descending
mount Everest on Sun 08 september.

See :
Marco Siffredi missing

[ September 19, 2002, 12:46 AM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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Sad but not surprising. I suppose the odds decrease rapidly when you do it a second time given Everest's death ratio.
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I have to say not sad, at least for me. The guy chose to do something dangerous for the hell (or joy, or whatever) of it. It didin't work out. No drama.
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Sad for me... Have you ever done anything "dangerous", Lodro ?
Marco was 23 years old, he knew what he was doing, he is well-known by all the mountain guides at Chamonix and recognized as the best, kind of a Mozart of mountain climbing and extrem riding. He has done harder and steeper stuff with less good snow in the Alps than the Hornbein on the Everest. For instance, the Nant Blanc couloir at Aiguille Verte, only skied once before by JM Boivin. Marco was a kid of Chamonix, exceptionally talented, and totally addicted to his sport and his love to the mountains. He made people dream. He might have done many other feats, he might have such a career...
But as you say, it didn't work on that one. Too bad. Belongs now to ski History.
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Very well said Jackdaw.

Lodro: Not sad??!! No drama??!! Certainly not what I would be thinking if it was me tumbling to my death, regardless of how dangerous the pursuit was. You don't go and do something like that unless you know you can do it.
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Well, at least he pursued his dreams...
How many of us can say that?
Remember Johnatan Livingstone (the seagull)
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Originally posted by Nobody:
Well, at least he pursued his dreams...
How many of us can say that?
Remember Johnatan Livingstone (the seagull)
And yes, that is my point. It is so easy to be misunderstood in a forum. Hey, everyone dies, most people don't have a choice about it. This guy chose to push the envelope, and I respect him. It was his decision. There are a lot of things in this world to be sad about, sadness is a part of life, but not this thing in particular, if anything we should celebrate his bravery. Its certainly not a tragedy or a great misfortune, and I doubt the guy would want people to treat it like one, and I doubt that was the point of the original poster -- so anyway, don't want to take the whole thread off track. Probably enough said.
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