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Dynastar choice?

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I will either be buying the mythic riders - 178s - or (possibly) the pro riders - 176s. Have read a few reviews here and elsewehere of the mythic's and am looking for opinions on the pro's.

For the last couple of years I have been on the Intuitiv 74's and really like them, they are responsive, fast, carve a groove when you set them over on the trail and bust through everything else. However as I am doing a season (either at Snowbird/Alta or Southern BC: Fernie/Red/Whitewater) I am looking to step up.

The mythic's look great (albeit non-wood core [I think?]) and the pro's look amazing, but I could be overstepping myself due the the combined power/ability to get the best out of them..... but then again, aspirationally, with the whole season ahead I should be able to 'get into them'. So I'd welcome some opinion especially from anyone that's had a chance to sample the pro's (or both).

I am about an 8 on a scale of 1-10 ability wise and aim for powder/trees/steeps with trail blasting in between + a mogul run or two (yeah the pros probably not really suitable here but I'll have my 74s too). I am 5' 9", 180lbs and fairly athletic.
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You are right that the Pro Riders are not suited for a bump run! Haven't skied the Mythics, but I found the 8800s to be ok in bumps. My experience with the Pro Riders was that they are best suited to longer lines in more open terrain. The description you give of yourself and of where you prefer to ride indicates to me that the Mythics are probably a better choice. The Pros are a great ski but you have to be on top of them all the time at your size (I am of similar size and weight and, while I enjoyed the demo, my personal preference was for the 8800).

Hang around - better advice will come along soon!
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Agree with ALberto, go with the Mythics. The Pros are great for hard charging, but if you want a more forgiving ski that can easily carve a groomer or two go with Mythics.
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I agree with the two prior posters. The Mythic is the better day in/day out ski.

The Mythic IS a wood core but has no metal. It is slightly stiffer than the 176 LP and has more camber. The 176 LP is not at all the same ski as the 186, 194. Compared to the bigger sizes, the 176 is fairly tame. Still, the Mythic will be the better all around choice. The LP will be better when the snow is deep, the Mythic will be better the rest of the time as it will be more manuverable and grippy.

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God I was lusting after those Pro Riders I saw at the ski show! They look beefy yet seem lighter than the Volkls of the same ilk. But anyway, maybe not what you need.
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The Mythics did well in a soft bump run for me. Holiday skied them for several runs and thought they were fine in some larger bumps as well. They aren't that stuff, so they are pretty versatile and can do any turn shape. The Pro Riders are much stiffer and more of a crud and big turn ski. They aren't really comparable. The Mythic is much more of an all-mountain ski that is slightly biased toward a bit deeper snow and crud, but solidly middle-of-the-road in that it can do anything more than competently.
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