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where twin tips came from!

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this is a good little vid on where the twin tip **** came from.
pretty cool.

i thought it was k2 first?
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Thanks for the link. I read about that video in the latest issue of Freeskier but couldn't find it on the Salomon site. Very cool piece of ski history whether you ride in the park or on the back of the mountain.
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Great video! Thanks!
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I cant even see the video, who does it say? I always though Line ski's were the first twin tips.
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Canadians????? It figures, they grow up skating backwards for hockey.
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Well really the first twin tip ski was the Olin Mark IV Comp from 1974 (my dad skied these once), but the NCAF made the 1080 stick around.
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Originally Posted by mortimer View Post
Well really the first twin tip ski was the Olin Mark IV Comp from 1974 (my dad skied these once), but the NCAF made the 1080 stick around.
I was in college when the Olin Mark IV Comps with the upturned tail came out. The tail was for doing ballet stunts. Eventually ballet skiers started dressing up as mimes thus leading to the quick demise of the first dual tip skis.
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Freeskier Mag's recent 10th Anniversary issue made it seem like the Solly 1080 was the first twin tip...perhaps it was the first "mass" produced one, no?
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I thought the K2 Poacher was the first "new school" twin, a NY times article dated Feb 01 1996 discusses it, presumably as a model for the 1997 year.
Some Google research shows it as a 1996-1997 model ski, Line Skis founder built some in 1995 as part of a school project as well.

1996: As the parks were just for snowboarders, the ski companies try to design new Freestyle Ski. They finished in ridiculous hybrids of ski-skiboard with large sidecuts. K2 Poacher is the only twintip full-size although only 162cm and 69mm of sidecut- taking the title of the first twintip modern, two years before the Salomon Teneighty.
1995: The student design Jason Levinthal creates a couple of twintips short for the final project at the University of Buffalo.
The summer after graduation built a press in the garage of his parents and began producing skiboards. Line Skiboards now known as Line Skis was born.
Solly 1080 is regarded as the first successfully marketed new school twin,
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A friend who is a former K2 rep told me this. The Olin Mark 4 from 1974 was the first twin tip. Since K2 owns Olin, K2 had the first twin tip.
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I think Hart was in there about '74 too. I have a pair of Hart Ballets that I bought in the spring of '75 and they had been around a while at that point.
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I think every manufacturer of ballet skis in the mid-1970s ended up with some sort of turned up tails.
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