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Wide Mid-Foot Woes

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I am a skier, 30 years old, 5'10", and 205 lbs. I'm currently in a Dalbello Avanti v10.

Here's my best shot at describing my feet/legs (I measured a picture I traced of my foot):
  • I wear size 12 shoes.
  • My foot is 288 mm long
  • My foot measures 100 mm across from my midfoot to my forefoot through the tip of my pinky toe. My midfoot is my 'achillies heel' when it comes to finding compatible boots.
  • My heel is about 65 mm wide.
  • My calf is 430 mm around at its widest point.
  • My arch, if I'm measuring it correctly, measures 31 mm (1.25") high.
  • I walk on the outside edges of my feet. This also contributes to my bowlegs.
  • I tilt my feet outward when standing.
  • My left leg is my dominant leg.
  • My second toe is approximately 3/8" shorter than my big toe. My 3rd, 4th and 5th toes get shorter and shorter down the line.
  • I have about a 1/2" clearance when doing a shell fit in my current boot.
Here's what's been done to my boots to address a poor fit out of the box:
  • Foot cramp in each foot - I had to have the midfoot and forefoot punched out to accomodate my wide midfoot/forefoot, otherwise I experienced a fair amount of cramping.
  • Sharp knee pain on the inside of my knees after a long day of skiing and the whole ride home - Picture a compass on each knee with North pointing towards my toes. I had pain to the Southwest on my right knee and more severe pain to the Southeast of my left knee. To fix this, material was added under the ball of each foot to my custom red cork Superfeet footbeds. This was intended to even out the pressure across my feet since I tilt my feet out and ride on my outside edges. A heel riser was also added to my left boot board to accomodate the fact that my left foot is shorter than my right foot. Finally, 1 to 2 degrees of material was taken off the sole of each boot (My bootfitter put strips of plastic under my boots and had me simulate rolling edge to edge on my skis. I believe he called it a stance alignment).
This may be of importance to you:
  • I've always worn standard width shoes without a problem, other than the stress reactions I developed on the inside of my shins while playing pick-up basketball. A podiatrist treated them with orthotics and range of motion/strength training in rehab. I wear the orthotics during most physical activity, aside from skiing.
Finally, to my point:
  1. I moved away from my old bootfitter and I'm due for an upgrade. I'd like something stiffer and something that applies more even pressure across the buckles while in my forward lean. What make(s)/model(s) should I should I look to first? I've heard Technica Diablo, Dalbello Proton, Nordica Speedmachine, and Salomon X-Wave Series. Just looking for the closest match out of the box. I want boots/liners that will last me a long time!
  2. My cork footbeds are about 5 years old and are a bit stanky. Is there a specific footbed(s) that you recommend?
  3. Is it possible there's a boot out there that I can be happy with off the shelf? Or am I a bootfitters dream (or nightmare)?
Thanks in advance for the help!
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All the boots that you list are "possibles" Your situation is not highly technical nor is it unique. Further evaluation via the internet is likely to be highly inaccurate. If you choose to stop by the store, I can tell you what will work. Plan on 1 hr. for evaluation and try ons but possibly 2-3 hr for new footbeds and shell work.

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Go see Jim!!!
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