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TR: Stowe 11/17/07

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4 of us headed up from the valley to stay at a friends place in Burlington Friday afternoon. We made it to Burlington in roughly 6.5hrs. We we psyched to be there but we didn't see any snow around the city, but our friend had been hiking Stowe everyday last week, so we knew there was snow somewhere. This was my first time to Burlington and I really enjoyed the city. We headed downtown to grab some food and to meet up with the rest of the group that was coming from UVM. We ate at Ri Ra's an Irish Pub in the town. Good food, nice atmosphere. We then headed home and someone mentioned that they wanted to go on an adventure, well this adventure turned into 4 of my friends and hiking up Stowe around 12:30 in the morning for some fresh pow. They had headlamps which was their only light. I opted not to go, but I was glad I did because I had fresh legs for Saturday's hike. We decided to hike on Saturday instead of paying for a ticket, I find it to be very rewarding, especially the view at the top and seeing what you have accomplished. Here is a picture of Gondolier the tail we hiked up, it took us roughly an hour and forty-five minutes. While climbing, we had other skiers and rider's passing by us enjoying the fresh pow. We also saw a group of snowboarders that had built a jump and that was quite entertaining.

We then took a small break up top at the peak of the gondola. Then it was go time, we headed down Chin Cup which had a great pitch and still had plenty of snow. The coverage and snow quality was superb for November! To end this day we had all planned to meet up with more friends in Burlington at Adriana's restaurant. We had excellent service for a group of 17, the food was very good as well. To end the night we headed down to The Flynn Theater to see the new Warren Miller movie. I liked the movie but each section seemed like it needed closure but overall it was great film. There is a section on speed skiing with parachutes which looks like an adrenaline rush. We then headed back to my friends apt. in Burlington to crash since we were all beat. Sunday we left Burlington and it was a gorgeous day, I get a phone call from my roommate stating that it is snowing back at home and it is starting to stick on the roads. So it was a nice surprise to come home to snow on the ground.

Pics will be up shortly....
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Nice pics! It doesn't look too bad up there
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Thanks! The conditions were great for November! It was all dry powder....I wish I could have stayed up there longer. It gives me an excuse to go back this winter now. =)
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Thanks for the TR and pics, does JEALOUS sound familiar?:
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This is so unfair. California to Colorado is dry. Glad you got some, but I'm starting to worry that things out here look all too familiar compared to last year.
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hey i have seen this before somewhere.....are you friends with dromond?
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Looks like winter arrived at Stowe. Great pics, and I feel more encouraged knowing there's some snow already in the east.
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I don't know dromond. I posted this on another PA ski forum but thats it.
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Originally Posted by Bobert540 View Post
I don't know dromond. I posted this on another PA ski forum but thats it.

you do know him you just dont know him as 'dromond"
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Well I guess I do haha, That is my friend Josh. He took a lot of the pics!
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great stuff guys thanks
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