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SAC alert  

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Lange WC 120's

Not asupporter so I can't post in the sale section.:
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As you can see there are/will be, some hiccups in the guidelines.
This will be an easy one to fix.
Look for an improvement in that area as phil tidies up the garage.
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But you can reply to any thread. I'll move this into the swap so it can stay updated.
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Dynastar Legend 8000 Skis

Step onto the Dynastar Legend 8000 Ski and discover what all-mountain really means.


The Dynastar Legend 8000 Ski spreads its fame over the entire mountain on a nimble 79mm underfoot and destroy-anything –in-its –path titanium-reinforced wood core. This all-mountain ski charges the cords, weaves the trees, and gloats in the occasional powder line. Dynastar made this stiff mid-fat for in-bounds hauling and the occasional trip out West for the steep and deep. If you're looking for a resort-bound one-ski quiver, the Legend 8000 is your ticket—no matter the condition, head up to the mountain with this wood-cored beauty and prepare for a perma-grin. The smooth-flexing wood core bumps up the burl with titanium reinforcement under foot and throughout the ski—the 8000 likes to see speed-induced tears streaming from your eyes.


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One left...
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K2 T Nine Phat Luv Alpine Ski - Women's

Take the K2 Phat Luv Alpine Ski for phat pow.


The K2 T Nine Phat Luv Alpine Ski is a powder diva's delight. K2 added 5mm underfoot and 6mm to the tip and tail to give this big mountain charger even more stability. With generous width all around and a solid BioFlex wood core, the Phat Luv Alpine Ski is the only friend you need on powder days. This T Nine gives you plenty of carving ability while arcing turns on hardpack, and great smearability for huge turns in fluff. This K2 ski's light weight also makes it an ideal touring ski, so mount up some AT bindings, and cruise past the boys. We know it's all about how you ski, not how you look, but the Phat Luv Alpine Ski's graphics will have you smiling before you make your first turn.

167cm only $270
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Please use the SAC alert thread over in PSA. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=62085
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