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One Quiver Ski - B83 or other suggestions

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I am trying to make a decision on an all mountain ski. I am a level 9 skier who skis mostly out west (90% snowbird/alta). I have been skiing on a Volkl G3 for 3 years and love the ski but am ready for something that has more underfoot...78-83. I demoed the B3 last year and loved it, but noticed it start to lose its edge in high speed GS turns, other than that -loved it off piste, in crud and moguls. My first question is: Has there been anything done to the new B83 from last yrs B3 to make the ski a little more rigid (hold an edge better) and what other skis should I look at that have a similar feel like the B83?

Btw, I did demo the AC40...great on the groomers, did not like it anywhere else. I am very intrigued by the Monster i78.

Thanks for your input in advance.
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I would worry that the B3 / B83 might not be enough ski for the 30"+ dumps. Many LCC skiers use 90mm+ skis for everyday use, maybe think about the B4 / B94.
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I was told the B83 is basically the same ski as the B3. I have some B3s in a 176cm size. I bought them for my everyday ski and have mixed emotions about them. I'm able to hold an edge on them at high speeds but thats probably because I keep them well tuned at a 2 degree side bevel. (I think they come with a 1 degree side bevel.)

They are fun in moguls, groomers, crud, moderately deep powder, tight trees, etc. Where I have a problem with them is in heavy, wet powder. The B3 has a lot of sidecut for a ski with a waist in the 80s. I found they get hooky & twitchy at high speeds in heavy,wet crud and powder. That turned out to be a problem last winter which was unusually warm in Montana.

I also have some B4s in a 178cm length. They are great in deeper powder and in wet powder & crud. They do okay in moguls and tight trees, better than the AC40s. They feel clunky on groomers except at higher speeds where they come alive.

As for the AC40, forget moguls & tight trees.
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As in all things skichoicewise......the B series are compromises. The key to me is that you skied it and liked it on one side of the coin but not the other. The stiffness agressiveness of the B 83 is at a different level than your old skis and that's one reason that you liked them so well in off trail conditions. All this tells me that despite your earlier ski choice (stiff) and your skiing level, you don't particularly care for a stiffer ski in off road conditions. Good on ya....I don't either.

There are a lot of great skis in the mid-high 80's that would suit you. One that I'll single out is the Dynastar Mythic Rider. It is wider than the B 83 and a fair bit stiffer. The grip of the Mythic and crud busting performance stand well above the B 83 and the additional girth seems to make up for the stiffer flex in deepish snow. While the Mytic is not a real powder ski in the sense that many wider skis are, it is a great one ski quiver for the western skier.

Although I usually have 30-50 skis at my disposal, I also have a personal quiver of skis (ususally 3) that I actually own. My currents are a Volkl Gotama on the wider side, A Mythic in the middle, and something carvish (maybe a Fischer Cool) on the narrower side. If I had to keep only one of those to live with at any mountain in the west, it would be the Mythic.

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Thanks for the great responses! Regarding the Dynastar Mythic, I skied the 8800 last year and liked it for its stability but it was not very fast edge to edge like the B83. I just noticed that the tip and tail are wider this year (looked at the stats in the buyers guide), that definitely peaks my interest. What length would you recommend on the Mythic, I am 5'11" 163lbs?
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First off...When you grow width, you compromise edge to edge quickness. Thats just the way it is. The Mythic has a slightly greater sidecut than the 88 which will improve it's tip engagement to some extent. Nevertheless, this is not a ski that I would characterize as "quick". Rather it is a medium-long turn ski with good grip, great crudability (new word), and medium float. That is about all that one could hope for in this width range. For your size, I'd suggest the 172.

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Have you had any experience with the 8000 legend?
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