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Demo in Keytone

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Can anyone please recommend a good ski shop to demo from in the Keystone area? I am going out in January and want to try some new sticks. Also any recommendations for a 10-15 day a year skier/ intermediate, love the groomers...venture off piste when following my local CO buddy's. I stay in the 163-170 range.
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Volkl 5 stars would be a good fit for that mountain and your skiing preferences.
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In the village at Keystone you have Christy Sports and Gor$uch. Christy's is closer to the bottom of the mountain so the walk is shorter if you want to swap during the day. If you just want to rent a decent ski for the day and don't care about skiing many models I like Virgin Island Ski Rental in Dillon, about 5 miles up the road. About $20 for a good ski vs $50+ for a demo day at Christy's. Don't know what Gorsuch charges but most likely more.
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