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Vokl P40 Energy Rail

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I just have a really quick question about this ski. I'm wondering how easy it is for free skiing. I have heard that it is a rather aggressive ski and meant mainly for racing. I'm curious how difficult this ski would be for an advanced skier to tackle. The ski isnt for me, but is for one of my friends who is getting pretty serious about skiing. Thanks for yer help everyone. Also if someone could give a comparision of the green energy rail ski versus the red model without the energy rail. I know these skis are going a few years back but im sure a lot of you have skied on them by now.

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I have non-EnergyRail F1's in a 198. I love 'em. I've never tried the EnergyRail ski though, so can't help you there. Anyway, the ski is a missile, but not hard to ski.
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I've got a pair of the red (non-energy rail) in a 193. I love em. I ski them everywhere. Not so much fun in the deep, but I've got some bigs for that. The P40's have better edge hold on hard snow & ice than any ski I've been on. You have to stay centered on them, especially in the bumps, or they'll kick your butt.
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New question now: Can only marker bindings mount to an energy rail plate or can other manufacturers bindings mount to the plate. Also is it possible to mount an EC 14 binding ont op of the energy rail... or does it have to be a spacer binding. Thanks for the help this far. We are most likely set on one fo the two models, now just trying to decide which one is best.
Later everyone
Thanks for the help again
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I have a pair of P40 F1 Energy Rails (the green GS race ski). They are not predrilled (that started with the P50s and other '01-'02 Volkls). I'd say if you were going own just one ski and take it everywhere, this would probably not be the best ski. It's a purpose-built GS race ski, and while it's fairly versatile within that category, it's not what I'd call all-mountain or even forgiving.

You might look in the short slalom category if you goals are primarily geared towards the groomed. Atomic 9.12s even make a good all-around ski, as do several other of the less race-oriented models from other manufacturers. Check out Peter Keelty's site and see what he has to say. The results may suprise you.
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I'll restate my take on these boards(the previous year's version anyway).I promise to get something new in the spring to go on about..
I use the p-40 f1s just for fast cruising, and they're great at it; a total blast. Hold like crazy, stable as can be, precise, lively, fun.. but not my bump or powder ski. For all mountain (if my mountain has more ice than powder} I have a pair of p-40 Platinums - which I think are very close to the newer p-50 motion without the motion. They are tons of fun to but do have a speed limit.
Ps; I've got Salomon 900s on both pair; mine are the year prior to the green version with the plate.

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