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Saving Money On Slc Trip

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How can I save money on a ski trip to SLC? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, I allready know about the travelocity lift tickets.
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It depends.

Knowing where you're planning to ski would be a good start.
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How many people in your party? Cheapest places? Do you mind taking the ski bus, etc.
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The SuperPass gives you free access to the bus system and the trams. If you really want to save money just stay at a place that is right off the ski bus/Tram. Thats what I did last year and it worked fine. Had to wait a few times but I just enjoyed a beer in the lodge while waiting for the bus.

I actually stayed at the HOJO and had to walk about two blocks to the Raddison, I suggest getting even closer because carrying that ski equipment 2 blocks is a real pain. The maps you get in Salt Lake actually makes alot more sense then what they have online.

If you can figure out the 91-98 route system and learn how to use the tram everything works fine.

Link to Trax System.

Once you figure out how it works its really simple, just figuring it out is a real pain.

From Travelocity.
Ski or snowboard at one of four world-class resorts: Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, or Solitude with a pre-purchased pass.
Experience four of the greatest resorts in the Rockies when you purchase a Super Pass. Go to a different mountain everyday! Plus, the Super Pass gives you free transportation vouchers to get from Salt Lake City to the mountains and back! No rental car is needed. This Super Pass is only available to people who pre-purchase the ticket before arrival, and this ticket is not for sale at any of the resorts! Salt Lake City is the only place in the nation that puts the ambiance of the city within 40 minutes of the greatest snow on earth!
The Ski Salt Lake Super Pass may be redeemed for an all-day lift ticket at Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, or Solitude and includes the Snowbird Tram and Brighton Super Ticket (9am-9pm when night skiing is available). The Super Pass also includes round-trip transportation on UTA buses, ski buses, and TRAX light-rail.
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I am going on a 2-3 person ski trip with my Dad. We are planning to ski alta, and maybe snowbird for a day or so. If we stay at a hotel close to the shuttle are there a lot of food options close to the hotels? Besides going skiing, my dad is taking me to see westminster college and University of utah. So would we have to have a rental car for the convenience of the college visit?
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I'd argue that Aspen has a pretty good (superior) transportation system. But anyway - I realize that was a Travelocity posting ....

To me, it depends on the number of folks. The more the people the more renting a place like a condo or whatever makes, presuming you all get along and want to do this (not a given in some circumstances). There are many choices but you have to narrow down your situation.
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Originally Posted by ct55 View Post
I'd argue that Aspen has a pretty good (superior) transportation system. But anyway - I realize that was a Travelocity posting .....
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Here's a post I posted in another thread:

Originally Posted by Blizzboy283 View Post
I think you will be hard pressed to find a better destination then Utah. When you factor in price, snow, and accessibility. I doubt it can be beat. Delta has a hub at SLC Int'l and I think you can fly non-stop from over 90 destinations.

You'll be able to ski for free on the day you fly in, over in Park City (be aware that their are black out dates.) http://www.parkcityinfo.com/quickstart/

You can stay CHEAP and less then 30 mins away from 4 class resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton) by staying at one of the many cheap hotels in either Sandy or Midvale. I myself am staying at the La Quinta for only $53 a night w/ my AAA discount. http://www.lq.com/lq/properties/prop...803&propId=803

You can get cheap lift tickets (less then $40) to the 4 resorts above here:
http://activities.travelocity.com/ne...r pass&WA5=IM

I also got an SUV from Alamo for only $189 ($247 after taxes) by using one of their special rates, found under their hot deals page: http://www.alamo.com Advantage is usually pretty cheap too: http://www.advantage.com/
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yeah I know - mentioned Aspen in a SLC thread. Just splitting hairs on the "SLC has the best transportation setup" comment.
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