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I was on the Daleboot website the other day and was curious what the expert boot fitters here at Epic thought of Daleboot. What I found very interesting about the boots were the sole canting options and the ability to adjust the footbed to compensate for pronation and supination.

I pretty much thought the Daleboot was kind of a cult boot with a loyal but small following. It would appear to be great choice for somebody that loves to "tinker" with stance issues and desires a very comfortable boot. If nothing else its different.
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Mr. Dale has had many innovative ideas some of which have been used by industry giants like Salomon. I have never had an opportunity to ski the boots so can not comment on their fit or function.
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His boots work very well, I used them for quite a while while I live in SLC. They have many good adjustments and can be fitted to all kinds of feet. When I used them they felt a little too soft for me but they have been improved since then. The cants work well when setup properly. Mel is quite the inovater.
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