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Me: height 5'9, weight 82kg (180lb), level high intermediate skier
Ski details: length 170cm, profile: 117 - 70 - 100, sidecut R= 15m
Location: Ruka, Finland
Conditions: -15 C, slight wind, icy slopes, hard pack and artificial snow.
From the ski gear discussion:
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A while ago, I posted the question to the forum about buying the Fischer progressors with out demoing them. Well a few weeks ago after evaluating all the replies (many thanks to all who posted their thoughts here), I went ahead and bought a pair at 170cm.
Last weekend - [Location, Ruka, Finland] - I managed my first run on them and boy was I a happy skier. Never before was I able to put a new (unknown) pair of skis on my feet and start ripping after only three 'warm-up' turns. These skis just made me feel as though I had ultimate control no matter what I was doing or trying. Not once did I feel like 'ok, now I better take my foot off'. I never did find the speed limit either.... the more I put in, the more it wanted.
I spent three full days skiing (groomed slopes and some really heavily iced runs - intermediate/difficult). Usually when a run is icy I don't bother going for a second dose because it's just way too much hard work when all you are doing is trying to keep the speed down and not fly off the hill. Well with the progressors on, I didn't care too much about that either. It was still demanding but never did I think I was losing control.
In one other case (not recommended in any book), there was an SL course on the right side of the run and I decided to follow one racer (Russain and Latvian World Cup team were practicing that weekend) down following him turn for turn along side him on the 'open' part of the hill (they closed off the SL practice part). It goes without saying that I managed to stay with him because I didn't have the gates to determine nor the need to slow down to get around the SL poles. The funny thing was that I was watching him as I was going down and not caring at all for the terrain I was skiing on myself (it was an almost empty slope ahead so no danger to others ahead). On my RX8s previously I would have had to keep an eye on where I was going to make sure I didn't get into any suprises. With the progressors, I felt almost super human in that nothing was deflecting these skis away from there chosen path.... Great Skis I'm soo happy
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I basically have to agree with all the positive postings about this ski. Most of what I have read, stood true through and through. It's not about Fischer being my preferred ski or anything either. My friend who has a preference to atomic skis the Izor 9:7, he said, if these were available before buying his skis he would have definitely done so.
One thing stood out what both of my friends mentioned. - The ski is quite stiff. I for some reason didn't feel it was stiff or at least not overly so. Compared to my RX8s, you do have to put the pressure down to carve tight SL type turns, but then in my opinion this ski isn't really made to naturally carve SL turns. In the longer higher speed turns the skis were fast, stable and predictable. They really gave me a fresh dose of confidence both on the ice, steeps and at speed.
Initially the skis do feel a bit heavy, but once on your feet, you don't notice that at all. I skied these for three straight days and I didn't get tired at all.
Thanks to those people who helped me make my choice: HeluvaSkier, barrettscv,SierraJim, Lostboy,jaypeak, trekchick, Ghost and Philpug to name a few.