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sugarloaf vs sunday river

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Anybody up in Maine have a condition report on either resorts for the upcoming weekend. I will be in maine and probably heading to the loaf unless sunday river is MUCH better from a condition standpoint right now. They both got recent snow and possibly more on the way.

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Don't know about Sugarloaf, but Sunday River has some pretty good conditions right now. Was just there yesterday and had a blast.

I'd say whatever snowfall they did get was minimal, but they're going all out with the snowmaking. They have 9 trails open (really 3-4 top to bottom) right now and supposedly will open up 1-2 more for the weekend.
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I guess considering the amount of natural snow they have gotten thus far, it probably won't matter too much.
I just want to make sure that the mountains are not claiming to have 9 trails open and when you get there, it's really 2 trails with 5 connecting trails ad 2 bunny hills
I have never been to either resort
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SR is actually saying 20+ trails this weekend with 3 lifts running.

Any other time, I'd say go to the Loaf, but I think SR might have a head up on them...esp. considering the rising temps over the next few days. SR has a much better base going right now, more open, and that will allow them to keep more open and potentially blow a bit more on top overnights.

Save yourself the extra driving time this weekend and hit SR. SL any other time.
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What prisnah said.
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I would suggest heading up to "the Loaf". They have had over 13" fall in the last week, with more on the way. In addition, the resort is currently in a serious snowblowing zone to heavily fortify Mother Nature. Yea, you're right, seven runs open. The run names are not stated but, those seven runs have an aggregate lenghth of over THREE MILES!!

I used to race and train out of Sugarloaf in college, and it's amazing what the resort crew can do in addition to the frequent big dumps that come out of nowhere. Besides, while making your drive, there is nothing like entering into that rounded forest-lined highway corner near the Carrabassett Vally Academy (Bodie's and other notables' former halls of academia). For what awaits you as you come out of that corner will add a few beats to your pulse rate as your eyes focus to the left......

VERTICLE: 2,820', ENJOY!!!

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