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Seven Springs Saturday 12/22 Be there

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I'm Baaaack!

Any day from 12/19 to 12/26 inclusive. Things didn't look too good last year, but we found sun snow and yinz were lookin' Marvelous.

Any takers?

Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
I once said in this forum that I had never traveled East to ski. Today we made amends and connected with SpringsRegular and Tramano at 7-Springs. Roundturns and SpringHill Crazie were no shows and Taylormatt was fully booked for the event and had private lessons scheduled for the rest of the year. Anyway, thanks to SpringsRegular for the much appreciated hookup.

So, while Tahoe and Colorado were transformed to powderfields, 7-Springs was definitely a concern. For days warm weather and rain had attacked the base. Pennsylvania is a green mild land. Skiing was surprisingly good all considered.

Meeting on the hill: the mandatory lineup Tramano, SpringsRegular, Cirquerider.

Our host, patroller extraordinaire and bro-ski rider. Well Hello yinz

SpringsRegular schralping the gnar. (He really represents the Bro steez in the best sense. Better move fast to keep up).

Tramano bringing it on the white ribbon of death:

And even my real host (brother-in-law) Ray laying in some groove.

Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
7-Springs is a fun place. SpringsRegular shows us why outside the Foggy Goggle:

Another run and the view from the top past Ray and Tromano

And finally the end of the day as the sun sets over this Epic adventure. Sure beats me why there isn't more Mid-Atlantic stoke. Who needs mountains when you have great fun, snow and vertically challenged hills...thats right, more runs to enjoy.

And thankfully, Grandma Betty was waiting with...what else, Grandma Betty" Zinfandel at the end of a hard day.

Have a great Christmas and happy new year bears. Hope to ski with you soon.
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I am sure it will be much better this year. Last December was unusually horrible.
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I'm a Epic Newbie but most likely I will be up there between the 19th and 26th. For the first time in a while a friend and I got season passes. As it gets closer let me know when/where yinz are meeting.

BTW- did you notice on 7Springs site they are claiming a November 30th opening. That would be great but I don't see it being possible.
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Hey, I live in NoVa and I have heard this the best place to ski without a very long drive. If you guys ever are up there and would like a new ski buddy, please let me know. I am new to skiing (just bought my first pair of boots, shopping for skis at the moment) but would love to hang out with people who really know what they are doing. Cheers!
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Forgot to mention, I will be out of town on those dates. Headed home to Atlanta for Christmas. As for other weekends, I am there!
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Cirque....funny thing I just sent you a PM on this very subject today before I saw this post. We can definitely hook up for a day or two. PM me and we will coordinate. I am going up for the first time this weekend. TaylorMatt has been there a few days already. Tromano....well he deserted us, I hear that he is converting.....
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Sam, let me know what you guys end up doing. My normal Xmas week requests aren't coming in until the 26th this year, so I may have time to join up for some runs...*if* we have snow. It isn't looking so promising here right now.
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Hey, it would be great to see you on the hill. Last year you were buried in lessons and never got free. I'll definitely be in for a couple of days weather permitting.
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Post here to let me know when yunz guys will be there, I'll do my best to get up there. It'll probably be my first day out this season.
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So whats happening? I'm busy as hell. I'm getting killed, a lot of boxes need to be delivered this time of year. I don't see the other two freight bikes around, so it's just me, in a fairly large city that is all about gifts.

I might be able to steal a car though. Saturday would be best. Seven Springs rocks on the weekend! They have a lot of terrain open. Mostly front side which has the benefit of allowing one to stop and sit down on a chairlift after every 400 vertical feet of skiing .
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I've heard from Taylormatt, Laurel Hill Crazie, and SpringsRegular. Saturday is happening. Be there.
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Foggy goggle at 9 am or out near the the front side 6? I have your cell if you have it with you just in case I'm running late. Telerod says he'll be up from DC too, I'll call him. It should be good, a bit on the warm side but that's ok.
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Warm weather means we can get an edge and not let the telemarker make us look too bad. Should be a nice day. Looking forward to it.
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Haha, yeah. If it's icy I will make us look bad that's true. Actually there will be a gap between us so that no one will know we are skiing "together" and I'll only make me look bad. The runs are short, so you won't have to wait too long for me. If you do the run in one minute, I might take a minute twenty. So you only wait twenty seconds or so. Cool?

High of 45 and cloudy doesn't necessarily mean soft snow, but I guess it won't freeze tonight so conditions should be OK for me. See you there.
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Just reading this now Cirq, let me know where you might be at what time. I'd like to say hello to you and the rest of the group. I'm not wimping out in my driveway this year like I did last year when I didn't believe it would be any good.
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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post
Foggy goggle at 9 am or out near the the front side 6? I have your cell if you have it with you just in case I'm running late. Telerod says he'll be up from DC too, I'll call him. It should be good, a bit on the warm side but that's ok.
This works for me. I may meet up with SpringsRegular at the patrol shack. We'll see. Look forward to seeing you RT
As sad as it may be, this is also my first day out for the season. We had a slow start in CA and of course the day I left, things finally got going big.
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Nice to ski with yunz guys. Cirque, nice meeting you and your daughter. Yunz ill always be pixburghers 'n 'at. Jimmy and telerod good skiing with you again. See ya at the Knob later. Conditions were good and the back side cruising fast on soft machine made. All and all, a nice way to start the season.

tm and sr sorry we missed you.
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Nice day considering the fog that hung around the top of the hill all day. Strangest thing, its like Seven Springs was an island of cold today. My first meeting with Laurel Hill Crazie and Telerod and Jimmy. I got a bunch of pictures and now know what a teleboard is.
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I had a great time. Thanks for providing me with an excuse to get out there and ski. I'm glad I got a chance to meet CR. You daughter was a good sport about hanging out with a bunch of old men who sometimes stood around at the top and talked. Fun skiing with LHC again. Enjoyed meeting and skiing with jimmy, too.
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Thanks telerod i usually make a good first impression but it all downhill from there. Not quite sierra cement Cirq, but good to meet you and younger Cirq and share some pennsylvania powder. You were right, after checking out the pics at the top of this thread conditions yesterday were pretty good compared to last year. LHCrazie good skiing with you again, thanks for co-ordinating things. My legs tell me this morning we hit it pretty hard ysty. See ya, jimmy
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Trip report is posted.
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