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Terrain Park Etiquette

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I though there was a thread posted about this before, but I couldn't find it - so I apologize if this is redundant.

As I've been frequenting the park more and more these days I'm amazed but the utter lack of stupidty displayed there. I'm not talking just snowboarders, or just young men, but the collective park population as a whole. Does no one pay any attention anymore? I watched in amazement as this woman actually skied the length of the park crossing in front of every kicker/tabletop with absolutely no thought as to who may be lining up at that time. Completely beyond her comprehension was the fact that she was almost hit about a dozen times. I point this out as one incident of dozens I saw in about three or four hours yesterday. I'd like to propose resorts do something about it - post large etiquette signs along with the danger warnings at park entrances - maybe have some roving staff members to help keep order - even cordone off part of the run up to not allow anyone to come in from the side while another skier/rider is approaching a terrain feature. The fact the parks exist is great, but there should be some more control in there.
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People can be quite oblivous to their surroundings sometimes. Note other threads talking about collisions.

Mammoth, Whistler, and Blackcomb have what are essentially gates leading into the parks (Mammoth has three seperate runs). These all have large signs warning of the man-made terrain features. They also have ropes the length of the run to keep people from coming in from the side. Still, when dropping in it's best to be observant of less skilled skiers/boarders or are meandering down the hill. It's always best to let them get well clear before you get airborne.
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At Bittersweet my problem is with people getting off the lift. Its really small spot and stupid peps are everywhere.
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i have to say the thing that bothers me the most is the amount of people that ski through the park because it's a double black diamond. You get the older people thinking it will be a steep challenging run, well it's not because of the hill, it's because of the rails, kickers, tabletops you idiots. Why do people have ski through the park when they don't attempt anything but to ski the entire run. Somebody please put me out of my misery.
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.30-06 is better!
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You would think the gate and large signs that say "Terrain Park" would clue some of these people in... obviously not.
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