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Quiver Reduction Sale

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I will be posting the following skis on ebay in the next few days. However, I would like to offer them to fellow list members first. Last spring, I picked up some skis for myself at good deals - I can't pass up a deal. I always figure that when a good deal comes along, it is worth buying first and deciding what to do with them later. I also figure that if the deal is good enough, I can resell them for pretty close to what I paid and pass on the deal to someone else.
However, I need to thin things out a bit and there is some redundancy, so here is a list of what I will be selling.
FWIW, I am not trying to make a profit, I'm merely trying to recoup what I spent. For example, I am selling the Bluehouse MR171s for $280 plus shipping. I bought them under the preorder sale for $250 plus $30 shipping. On the other hand, I'm taking a big loss on the Stocklis.:
Skis with bindings have the bindings set for a 315mm boot sole length.
I will apply a fresh coat of wax to any skis purchased by list members...and if you pay promptly, I'll even scrape them and brush them.

Please pm me if you are interested in any of the following:


'05-'06 Fischer World Cup SC 160 w/Fischer FF-13 bindings. This was the last year of the yellow ski and it has the matching binding. (Redundant with Stockli Laser SC.) New. $350 + shipping.

'06-'07 Nordica Afterburner 170 w/Marker 03-11 binding. This is the binding that came with the ski and it is adjustable for various boot sizes without redrilling. (Different, but overlaps with K2 PE somewhat and since I have not skied much powder, I will go with the PE.) New in plastic. $425 + shipping.

'06-'07 K2 Public Enemy 164 with Look PX-12 binding mounted. (I've decided to keep the 169cm length that I also bought.) New. $350 + shipping. ($225 w/o binding.)

'07-'08 Bluehouse MR171 - flat. My original pair had a base defect, so these were hand picked by Bluehouse and probably one of the best examples of the original lot. (Redundant with the PE and the Seth that I am keeping.) New. $280 + shipping.

'06-'07 Liberty SB-170 - flat. (Again, redundant with the PE and Seth.) New. $300 + shipping.

Used...sort of:

'06-'07 Stockli Stormrider XL 164 w/Look PX-12 Ti bindings, perfect topsheet and bases. This is the desirable model with the wood core. Never ground. A great all around ski. I am listing these skis as "used", but they only have 2 runs on them at Mount Sunapee. (Redundant with Stockli Laser Cross and Stockli Rotors that I am keeping.) They are perfect. $399 plus shipping.

'06-'07 Stockli LaserCross Pro 170 w/Marker Titanium 12.0 Piston bindings. Unchanged for '07-'08. Mint condition top sheet and bases. Never ground. A great GS ski. They ski long - Stockli recommends them for those 5'7" - 6'0". Again, they are as new - 1/2 day skiing. (Honestly, just too much ski for me at 5'7" 165lbs.) $349 plus shipping.

Shipping for skis with bindings is $30. Flat skis $25. If you are local and want to pick them up, that is not a problem.

Please pm me with any questions.

I pretty much limit my posts to Epic which is why I am only listing these here. Epic supporters are free to refer others whom they trust - with a pm from the Epic Supporter. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay as well as references here. I'm sorry that someone has made it necessary for me to post this note, but here it is. (FWIW, the note at the bottom of my listing in no way reflects my selling policies and I guess that I will need to change it!)
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PM Sent RE Stockli Cross
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Laser Cross Pros have been sold.
Everything else is still available, but I will start listing them on ebay tonight, so please pm me if interested.
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Remaining skis are on ebay.
All have a Buy It Now option.
If any Epic Ski Supporter purchases a pair of skis with the Buy It Now option, I will pay the shipping costs.
As mentioned, the Laser Cross Pros have been sold.
The Nordica Afterburners I am having a little trouble parting with. Same waist as my 169 PE, but a different ski.
(yes, this was a pathetic excuse for a bump...)
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