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Balancing school and ski racing?

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Coaches: How are you recommending the balance between school and skiing? How much push back are you getting from the schools? How much push back do you get from parents? Are most of your racers either in academies or home schooled? How many days/week do you suggest or require of your athletes?

Racers: How are you balancing the school/ski problem. Has skiing affected your grades? Is it an issue? Parents, feel free to weigh in.

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For my children there was definitely some effect on their grades & a lot of effect on my bank balance.

But....I don't regret that at all. Their indepencence and growth as a person benefitted so much that I don't regret those disadvantages.(Particularly in those difficult teen years - not many teenagers are in bed asleep at 8pm on a Saturday night!)
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Coaching MIT, I'm way too much of a data outlier (as we would say in MIT-speak) to provide any useful feedback on this issue...
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I am very fortunate that my son is nothing like "the father" when it comes to grades. As such, it allows me a bit of leverage and latitude. As long as his grades are up, I actually allow him to skip classes on many Fridays since weeknight race training is a "rare event" at our hill...... it's on the schedule but usually cancelled.

He is one of those kids who doesn't seem to study much but always does quite well. He even made the cut for the Johns Hopkins talent search this year.

We even take a few days off to "chase powder" if a storm is in the making. Great for bonding and since he is not a "natural" at other sports, it's that one thing that he can feel good about and that has to count for something.

I would love to toss him a bone and send him off to one of the "short courses" over Thanksgiving at Burke or Green Mountain.

And it gives me an excuse to skip work ....
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A lot of my kids do better in school during ski season because they have to organize their time. We have been able to have some balance, mostly on a per kid basis. A lot of teachers have the idea that the world revolves around their class. Usually we can compromise. Madison is pretty progressive about education.
My stepdaughter lived in Steamboat two years and kept up with her studies at Madison West by tutoring. She graduated with honors.
Some areas are not as liberal. At that point some sort of other arrangement is necessary if the kid really has a chance. Steamboat used to have a legal guardian deal where the kid could attend public school. I think a parent has to be realistic about their kids chances.
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Ski racers should compare notes with varsity athletes regarding missing school for contests. It seems unfair to penalize some high school athletes with unexcused absences while excusing the absences of other athletes. Take it up with the school board.

Studies have shown that the kids who are involved in school activities with an academic requirement get significantly better grades than those who are not involved. The sports and activities programs really do support the academics in a school. So much so that the word co-curricular is replacing the word extra-curricular to describe the relationship of these programs to the curriculum.
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